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  by glennk419
It's incredible how good those cars still look 50+ years later. That Budd stainless shines forever.
  by griffin3nwp

I took pictures of these car - with trucks/on rail ! - behind CANAC in Montreal (adjacent to the CN Yard) 08/15/10. Has anyone heard any more about what's going on with these? According to my copy of Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger and Freight Car Diagrams, these are PRR Class P85K (original numbers 9603-9607). Unfortunately, I have no idea which 2 of the original 5 these are - does any else?
  by MikePRR
These pictures bring back fond memories...in late 50"s lived near North Philly Station - in afternoon took young son there to see K-4 pulling Race Track Train come thru...also GM Aero Train.....and "Keystone" pulled by GG-1. This picture was great...... been to Montreal twice on Amtrak from NYC.....stayed at Queen Eliz Hotel, directly over downtown RR Station....great xmas trips both times.
Mike M