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  by pdtrains
I just unrolled a large blueprint I have here (one of many)

It's PRR, dated Altoona shops, 1935......Blueprint for a diesel-AC locomotive.

It looks like a P5A modified, with 2- B type trucks (0-4-4-0 in Steam terms, B-B in diesel terms)

Has 900 hp diesel engine in one end, and electric transformers, etc on other side.,

Cab in middle, 2 pantographs, just like the P5a modified.

HP rating is 900 hp diesel and 2100 hp electric.

Drawing just shows cab # 0000 in PRR keystones on ends, and on sides.

Anyone know anything about this proposed engine?
  by Allen Hazen
Short answer is, no, I don't know anything about it. On the other hand... There was a twin-engine, center cab, 1600 hp Westinghouse (WEMCO) B-B diesel that had a carbody at least vaguely reminiscent of a P5A modified. Substitute AC for DC transmission and replace the engine in one hood with a transformer and...
  by ex Budd man
Al Staufer's Pennsy Power III shows a drawing of a Baldwin proposed center car twin diesel electric with A1A axle trucks that looks like a P5a sans pantographs. There's no mention of whether the power transmission is AC or DC. I can only guess that it would have been used west of Harrisburg on non electrified lines.
  by Allen Hazen
I've never seen Stauffer's "PP3," but that's a remarkable drawing. (Could be taken as an after-the-fact prototype for a model I saw in the 1970s: one of the train-set manufacturers-- possibly Tyco-- had a plastic "GG-1" ... on diesel-style CC trucks!)

But I don't think it's what pdtrains was referring to. For one thing, probably too late: post-war, not 1935. And twin-engine, whereas the AC diesel-electric-electric proposal he mentions had a single 900 hp diesel in one end. This looks like ... a Baldwin center-cab in streamlined guise. The even axle-spacing in the trucks suggests it was A1A-A1A, but I don't see any steam generator exhaust on the cab. Maybe it was a proposal for a four-motor fast freight unit inspired by F-M's "Erie-built"?
  by ex Budd man
The Tyco faux GG-1 can be had on E-bay for $20 or so. A little work could approximate the Baldwin diesel. :-D
  by Allen Hazen
I just noticed the end passageway on the drawing: who ever came up with the specifications for this locomotive thought of it as either operating in multiple unit consists or pulling passenger trains. Or both.
  by NorthWest
Strange coincidences... I just referenced this thread on another forum after someone asked about the first proposal discussed in this thread.

The interesting thing about the second proposal is that there are some things that make it appear to be an A unit for a set of locomotives- the diaphragm on only one end of the locomotive, the signal light (Mars/Gryalite) only on one end, and somewhat asymmetrical cab. Certainly a fun drawing.