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  by drinkatoast
Maybe this topic's been addressed before, but anyone know why PRR seems to have avoided use of RDCs? After all, they were built by the home-town Budd Co., and PRR had lots of lightly-patronized branch lines where RDCs could have been a cost-saver. Of course Pennsy DID equip PRSL with plenty of these, but why none on the actual PRR?
  by Statkowski
Many of the more lightly traveled lines had been served by gas-electrics. Many of these lines lost passenger service circa 1947. By the time the RDCs came into use, the need for them on the PRR may well have been past.

Two such lines that lost service in 1947 operated out of Cresson, Pa. One operated from Cresson to Cherry Tree via the Cresson Branch and Susquehanna Extension Branch, thence on to Heilwood and Dixonville over the jointly-operated Cherry Tree & Dixonville. The other operated from Cresson to Mahaffey and on to Punxsutawney via the Cresson Branch and Bellwood Branch.