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  by NIMBYkiller
From 'The Joe' of subtalk:

As you may or may not have heard, there's a plan in the works to protest the proposed photography ban on the afternoon of Sunday, June 6th. We'd meet up at a central location, like Grand Central, around noontime, and make a loop around midtown, going down, across the L, up the west side and back down and over to times square. The whole thing would maybe last an hour or two at the most.
The idea is to simply get a large group of people out with cameras, taking photos riding around the subway as a peaceful protest. While carrying a sign or flag would be encouraged, the key and most important thing to carry would be your camera. Photograph at will. There's no need to turn it into a loud circus atmosphere. Just the fact that photographers would be protesting anything is extremely noteworthy. When was the last time YOU heard of a photographer protest?

I already know this proposed protest will gather a good large crowd. It's a given (and not just from transit buffs, I know many photographers and creative types who are against this ban). What I don't know is who else wants to help organize it it a bit more. I'd say we need a few people to help coordinate during the day, 2 or 3 people to write up and send out a press release to as many news outlets as we can gather, and a few people to get the word out around the web and email.

So - if you're in and want to help out, drop me an email...

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I know I'll be there.