Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Bill R.
It's a fair characterization to call PATH the local subway system in Jersey City. With that in mind, there is a significant gap between between Journal Square and Grove Street. Brunswick Street, near the western end of the historic downtown corridor, could potentially serve as the site of a new PATH station between Christopher Columbus Drive and 1st Street. Located approximately 1/2 of a mile west of Grove Street station, a new station could potentially support revitalization and TOD in the surrounding area, as well as making previous redevelopment like Dixon Mills more attractive. Given the urban densities in Jersey City, placing a new station 0.5 miles away from an existing station is not an unreasonable consideration.

1) Is there a potential justification for placing a station at this location?

2) Does the sub-surface topology even allow for the construction of a new station, either side or island platform, at this location?

It looks like the railroad embankment on the west side of Brunswick Street is unused at the far eastern end, meaning that some portion of it could be demolished and replaced with a headhouse to allow access to the station.

That this is an expensive project is understood.
  by CLamb
Isn't PATH operating at capacity now? How would it handle more passengers or are you expecting the new station to draw current passengers away from other stations?
  by Hawaiitiki
Bill R. wrote:1) Is there a potential justification for placing a station at this location?
I'm sure it would draw ridership and spur development but the current line cannot handle anymore ridership as it stands. Grove Street is already a madhouse during rush hour, and I could only imagine what inbound trains would look like even more full.

However, once the signal upgrades and platform extensions are complete, this can be a conversation again. But the Fulop administration is making it seem like any new station in the PATH system, aside from EWR, will actually be on the far west side of town.