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General discussion about the RAILROAD.NET site, forums, or content ONLY. Please do not post your general railroading questions, please choose an appropriate forum. For help using the site, please post in the Help Using RAILROAD.NET Forum.

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  by RetiredLIRRConductor
Can anyone explain to me how to post pictures in here? Occasionally I might have a photo to go with a subject. Thanks ahead of time! :-)

  by Dave Keller
Hi LIRRConductor!

Your photos first must be posted to a website. You'll need a scanner.

Once you or someone else posts them to your (their) website, you can then transfer them from that website to the forum thus:

1. Copying the photo's URL
2. Open the "Post a Reply" window in the forum
3. Click "img" from the selections at the top
4. Paste your photo's URL and click "img" once again.

I always hit the "preview" pane to be sure the photo does, indeed, show up!! Sometimes I have to do it several times to get it to work.

Unfortunately, unless you have a website to post photos you're out of luck!

I have a website, but it belongs to Steve Lynch, and he does all the posting. At the present I don't have a scanner to scan new photos so anything I post are already-posted shots.

If you wish to post a photo that appears on someone else's site to make a point about something, you'd go through the same procedure as mentioned above, giving credit to whoever's site the photo was from.

Hope this helps!


  by Otto Vondrak
You cannot post a link to a photo that is stored on your hard drive. It must be hosted somewhere on the internet so that you can link to it. There's always web sites like http://www.webshots.com/ where you can host your photos.


  by Lirr168
http://www.imageshck.biz offers free picture hosting and will even resize pictures to better fit the webpages. Also, they give you the HTML code so all you have to do is paste it into the reply box on here.

  by MEC407
http://www.photobucket.com/ is good as well.

  by UPRR engineer
(worked last night, bear with me here, fighting my sleep)

Why is it that some of the pictures i put in my posts, i can see them always, and after a short time (sometimes) other users here cant? Photobucket suck sometimes? Is there a time thing? Too much editing done by me on that one post? Broadband for me dial up for them???

Otto's picture on this page caved, http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 9&start=15
wonder if its the same kinda thing going on.

  by Mike Roque
Many sites don't allow hotlinking, which is linking to an image on one site from another. In other words, photobucket will display your photos on their site, but may not allow you to display them in a message post on RAILROAD.NET. I think Otto's post that you referenced is in this category, as you can view the image directly, but not linked in a forum post.

Some folks have free web hosting that only allows so much traffic, including image downloads/views. Once that limit is reached, the images stop appearing anywhere.

And sometimes images just get moved or deleted, so links to them become dead, and the images stop appearing.
  by ADBF1752
I have a bunch of photos I'd like to post. But on my computer they are all about 350k. How do I size them down small enough to post them? Is there any special program (prefer free of course) I can get to do the editing?


  by NHN503
Well.....#1 and what I would recommend would be Photoshop....but $$$

My wife uses http://www.shrinkpictures.com/ free and resizes...she likes it.

http://photobucket.com/ , also free, and you can use the edit button,once you upload the pics, and then you have the option of several pre-selected sizes, like avatar, thumbnail and other sizes as well. As a plus, it also provides IMG, URL and HTTP links, for posting the pics, in other locations. Regards.......

  by Otto Vondrak
There's also a less expensive version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements- it retails for under $100.

THe idea is that your photos do not need to be physically smaller- you just need to adjust the resolution (dots/pixels per inch). 72 dpi is the norm for web viewing. Making your photos 11 inches wide at 72 dpi is a good viewing size.

Also, if you're going to post photos, you'll have to upload them to an account somewhere that allows linking. Photobucket and Webshots are both good resources (and free).

  by ChrisU
How Do you post pictures?
  by BSOR Patarak
Thanks to a change in the way my internet provider allows me to save files online all of the pictures that I've had posted in various forums are now unavailable. Sure would have been nice had they let me know it was coming, but that is another story.

So, now I must find another place to store the images so they can be linked to these posts. It may be some time before I get them back up. If anyone has any suggestions on where to place them, let me know.

  by joesbag
Pat - Just a thought and others may have better ones - what about posting them on the NERAIL North American Railroad Photo Archive? I'm sure you likely know of the site. And there are photos of the A&A (although relatively recent) already there. Just provide the link in your post to that site(?)

And I for one just want to say thanks for all the historical info and your knowledge of our favorite WNY short line!