• Possible U18B HO-scale Model

  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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If you are interested in this, please reply to [email protected] or use the contact information listed at the bottom of the message. Don't reply to me; I'm just passing along the info.

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> Guys,
> I have word from a manufacturer that has requested that I do
> not reveal their name at this time (No, it's NOT me - I'm not
> being coy) that they are interested in producing an injection molded
> styrene, ready to run GE U18B locomotive for SCL and Maine Central
> in HO scale with a DigiTrax decoder. Except for the side railings
> and grab irons (both of which will be included) the unit will come
> out of the box fully assembled. Among the detail highlights will be
> a see through top radiator compartment with full view of the
> radiator cores below, see through side air intake grills, for the
> SCL model it will include
> optional fuel tank sizes, options for either EMD Blomberg trucks, or
> GE's FB-2 truck. The manufacturer's suggested
> retail price would be $170.00 per locomotive. If that sounds
> high, consider the cost of buying an Atlas U23B for the hood
> and frame - the frame which would have to be cut or milled (milling
> costs are, at best, $75), the detail parts, and, IF you
> can find it - an Atlas U33C shell - which is no longer being
> produced by Atlas. Consider the cost of buying an entire Atlas U33B
> locomotive for just the shell and you can see very quickly that you
> could easily have twice the cost in it not to mention the time
> involved in such a kitbash vs. a ready to run locomotive.
> The company in question has requested that I be the exclusive
> distributor of this model for them and that this distribution be to
> dealers only. This does include Historical Societies as well so
> make sure you get in touch with them.
> In order for this to become a reality they must get orders for at
> least 500 each.
> So if you are interested in purchasing these when they are released,
> please pass this along to your favorite hobby shop
> owner and let them know. They must contact me at:
> [email protected] or they may call me at 706-754-9188
> to make their reservations. Since we have a new ISP our email
> service is EXCELLENT now! I check my messages at
> least twice a day and my phone has voice mail which I check
> at each return when I am absent from the office.
> All they need to do is to commit to buy them when they are shipped
> to them. These will be produced on a strictly limited basis so
> there will be very few produced over the amount that will be sold.
> Dealers terms do apply and I will be glad to speak to them about
> this when we communicate.
> So if you would like to see the GE U18B locomotive in HO scale in a
> VERY fine ready to run form - make your way to your local hobby
> shops and tell them about this.
> Get in touch with your respective Historical Societies and let
> them know about it as well.
> I can promise you that since the only the SCL and MEC were
> the only two American railroads to purchase these the chances of
> ever seeing them from any other company is nil.
> Remember, if they don't get the orders, we don't get the U18B.
> So, here's your chance! Make the most of it!
> Gary Wright
> Wright Trak Railroad Models
> P O Box 158
> Clarkesville, GA 30523
> 706-754-9188