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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by b&m 1566
What are the chances of the Clark family purchasing a Steam Locomotive; if one is even available? It sure would be nice to take a ride along Lake Winnipesaukee behind a steam engine! Was there ever a time they thought of getting one? I know they had the ex-Wolfeborough Steam engine on display at the wye for a few years.
Also has the 1921 been used yet?

  by NHN503
You will most likely not see steam in action on the Hobo or Winni, mostly because of lack of repair or service facilities on the railroad. Also the Hobo uses funds from the NH revolving account to acquire and repair locos, an account that does NOT cover steam locomotives.

  by toolmaker
don't the Clarks have a wood fired steamer at their bear show location or is this another family :wink:

  by NHN503
toolmaker wrote:don't the Clarks have a wood fired steamer at their bear show location or is this another family :wink:
They own that as well, but the whole RR facility there was built around operating steam locomotives.

  by b&m 1566
Have crossing signals been installed at Rt. 112 (Kancamagus Highway) yet? I read somewhere (can't remember) that the signals were just about to be installed in Plymouth but was wondering if 112 was protected yet? Also read that Laconia is going to have signals re-installed near the station, is that correct?

  by GP40MC 1116
The Crossing Signals at Rt 112 have been installed and are in daily operation . I believe the signals in Plymouth have been installed or are just about to be put in. Last I heard about that project was late July.

It is an unique crossing on Rt 112 which involves a 45 degree angle across the heavily travelled scenic highway. Protection involves Railroad Ave, McDonalds Restaurant, Rt 112 as well as a crossing of the entrance road to the White Mountains Attractions Visitors Center. Coordination with traffic lights for the exit ramp from Rt 93 is also involved.

Where did you hear about Laconia ??. I do remember that a lot of the Crossing's in Laconia have a interesting setup. That is that on the top of the Railroad Crossing Cross-buck Sign is a blinking blue/white colored LED or LCD light. Similar to a small light you would see on a DOT or Construction Company truck. This is unique due to the fact I only saw it in the Laconia area and no where else on the line from Lincoln to Tilton.

  by NHN503
I believe the light is an preemption light to activate the near by traffic lights.

  by eriemike
I was in Lincoln, NH today and the old yard that served the mill in Lincoln (behind McDonald's) looks like it was recently brush cut, new ties put in place and repaired switch stands. There are the four old Budd RDC cars (2 ex-B&M and 2 ex-Reading) sitting there and at the bitter end of track is a North Stratford RR box car, 2 D&H "Comfort Cushion" box cars, a Koren War era US Army kitchen car and a 1950's vintage B&M steel milk car.

What is being planned here? Who is planning it? There certainly does not appear to be any business to service there. Does the Hobo going to use this yard to store equipment, use it for a Y for the "Flying Yankee"? Inquiring minds want to know! :wink:

  by B&Mguy
Those old RDCs in the woods up there are pretty neat. I explored that old yard back in April, and although I didn't go too far in (I didn't know who's property it was), I was able to get some good pictures of the Budds. I wasn't aware that there's a milk car tucked away back there as well. I could see what looked to be four or five boxcars in the distance from where the RDCs are parked.

What also caught my attention was that in the description of the line on the Hobo railorad website says that the Yard in Lincoln is mostly gone now due to development. It seems that the yard is mostly intact in the woods back there, but maybe it was much bigger at one point.

I'm glad I was able to explore this area since I didn't even know it was there. I'll have to get back there this fall and check out the work they did this summer. Does the Hobo RR own this yard?

  by eriemike
When we checked out the yard in Lincoln, I was with someone who remembers when all that was in Lincoln was the mill and who actually got a cab ride in the tank engine (#5). It was in the waning years of the mill. I think the engineer's name was Ed Parente.

Any ways the station was originally located next to McDonald's, where the bank is today. The track closet to McDonald's was the main track and all the other tracks were either passing or yard tracks. These tracks went much further than where it ends today.

B&Mguy, when you were there in April, had they done extensive brush cutting, because what we saw as a total clearing of that yard. On the main line track, you could see where huge trees had grown between the rails and were now cut. It looked like a lot of work went into fixing it up. To what purpose, other than for the Hobo RR, would you spend the money to get those tracks fixed?

  by B&Mguy

The yard area was clear of brush in April when I was there. I don't know what it looked like prior to that. I wonder when those Budd cars were parked there since they were probably the last rail cars to move in that yard. They must have some plan for the land, and hopefully it's rail related. My guess would be they need the extra storage space.

Thanks for the info on where the station was once located. I was always curious about that. Were you able to explore the whole yard? Like I said, I'm not sure who owns it, and didn't want to get in trouble for trespassing.

  by eriemike
We were able to see the box cars, which as you recall are located at the far end of the yard, from the parking lots of the businesses that abutted the rails. They are virually on the property line. They haven't been vandalized, though the two D&H cars are very rusted. The B&M milk car is #190? and I forgot the last number, but it is the series that were all black with the McGinness logo. I know that there is another of these milk cars in Waltham. There used to be one in Somerville behind Home Depot and there was a fourth one in Rigby Yard.

From the looks, I don't think that they will be ripping up the rails as they replaced ties and I don't think that they would go to that trouble just to move a few derilect box cars and Budd cars. I'm thinking it is for whenever the Flying Yankee is brought back to service. One of the Y's that come out of Hobo runs between McDonald's and that bank enters that yard. This scenario makes the most sense to me. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  by b&m 1566
I'm surprised they don't use the yard more; seems to be a tight fit over by the shop. If I had to take a guess I would say the state owns what's left of the yard. Who knows they may even build a barn in the area for the Flying Yankee (though I haven't heard any plans of such). I would have to agree with eriemike's comment that the wye is being rehabbed for the Flying Yankee because it will be needed. Why are they doing it so soon I don't know; the Yankee won't be finished for another 2 to 3 years. Word has it that a wye is going to be constructed in Ashland and in Concord for the Flying Yankee.

  by thebigham
Does anyone have pics of the the brush cut yard?

I haven't been there in 19 years, I think.


  by B&Mguy
I have the pictures I took in April. I can post some tonight. I'd be curious to see the yard before the brush cutting. I wonder if those Budd cars were completely trappedin the growth. Does anyone have any older pictures of this yard?
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