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  • General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.
General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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  by bellstbarn
Searching the internet doesn't always come up with good leads, as search is chancy. In preparation for a very brief visit to Plymouth, my interest was again piqued by the bus company name, Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway. I have been unable to find a predecessor trolley company by that name! (If one cannot find something on the internet, it does not mean non-existence.) There seems to have been a Plymouth & Sandwich Street Rwy. A route of the Old Colony connects Plymouth to Boston as part of the MBTA Purple Line. Was there ever an interurban or street railway trolley line north of Plymouth? Or does someone have a link to a website about streetcars in Plymouth County?
Many thanks.
  by edbear
The Brockton & Plymouth extended from Plymouth to Whitman only; there it connected with a suburban line of the Old Colony later Bay State and still later Eastern Massachusetts Street Railways. It eventually became the Plymouth and Brockton and ceased operations about 1928. It had a modern double truck lightweight car which wound up in Maine and some Birneys which probably found buyers when operations ended. Conn. Valley Chapter NRHS produced a booklet on the B & P about 50 years ago and Motor Coach Age did a history of bus operations, which were much, much, much more extensive than the trolley operation ever was.
  by bellstbarn
Many thanks to The EGE , Carter B, and edbear for their helpful explanations and links. I learned much, and I will keep looking over your replies to grasp better where the lines went.
With appreciation.
Joe Mcmahon
  by Leo Sullivan
I hope you can pull this off the page and enlarge it as,
it has street names. It is the only map of the B&P I could find.
The Plymouth & Sandwich ran off the end of the B&P at Manomet
  by charding
Also check out pages 126/7 of Stephen Carlson & Thomas Harding's book, 'From Boston to the Berkshires, A Pictorial Review of Electric Transportation in Massachusetts' and O. R. Cummings article in Transportation Bulletin #59, July/Sept 1959, 'Brockton & Plymouth Street Railway'.
  by bellstbarn
Many thanks for the links, the book recommendations, and each piece of help. Leo, I was able to work with that map, and it helped my understanding a lot.
Because of the storm, this trip is going to be a quick visit, but every piece of history clarifies where I am.
With appreciation. Joe
  by 3rdrail
P&B has always been a first class company. Their service, personnel, and equipment are the best, always have been.