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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by mtuandrew
Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone had any special advice for me about the Crescent or the Capitol Limited. I'm going to South Carolina to visit Clemson University (a possible graduate school), and will be taking the Crescent from there to Washington, DC. After that, I'm riding the Capitol Limited to Chicago, and possibly the Empire Builder on to Minneapolis (or else taking Megabus from Chicago Union Station.)

Anything special about the eastern long-distance cars? Anything to be prepared for that doesn't match either NEC Amfleets or western Superliners? Also, what are the rules about bringing food on board, and will there be a cafe car where I can use a microwave? As much as I like supporting Amtrak, their food service - on the SW Chief at least - leaves much to be desired.