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Well. lets see.

Pittsburg, Newcastle, Youngstown, Akron, Willard (which usually took a while) since unless running separate, they'd have to cut 19 out 5, couple in an engine, run an air test and so on; then Tiffin, Fostoria, Deshler, (Tontogany or Cristy sometimes they'd get a yellow), and Perrysburg to Vickers sometimes got a little slow too depending on what was going on, Toledo, Monroe and then getting into Detroit on the NYC whatever that took. Yeah I could see where it would seem to be a lot of stops particularly from Deshler on. Average speed from Newcastle to Willard was around 50 to 55 and Willard to Deshler would have been close to 60.

Passenger Extra

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Try the above URL for a shot of a pair of B&O E-6's for THE AMBASSADOR taken at the PM 21st Street roundhouse in Detroit that I posted on Michigan Railroad History.