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  by Roundhouse Brat
Some years ago I was sent several photos of the Bridgeport, PA Roundhouse facility. I lost all in a PC crash. Could not locate the person again tha gave them to me. My Dad, Dan Delaney Sr. was 40 years on the Reading. Started at age 15 wiping engines, then as Trainman, and later a machinist. He was a dayshift Foreman at the Roundhouse in the 40's and 50's before he retired in 1955. I am seeking any photos anyone would share of that Roundhouse.

  by Urban D Kaye
brat -
Have you tried the Fallen Flags website? www.rr-fallenflags.org/

This link from that site shows a RDG switcher in front of one of the Bridgeport shop buildings.

Best of luck. I'd be interested in seeing pix of the r'house myself.

  by Roundhouse Brat
Urban, tks for the lead. I used to carry my Dad's supper to the Roundhouse in the 40's, I was like 10. My Mom saw to it that he got a hot supper if he worked a night shift. We lived about 2 miles from the place, and I ould usually ride my bike, but a lot of times in the winter it was too icy for that, so I had to hoof it. All the men knew I was Dan Delaney's boy and they would pull tricks on me. I eventually caught on to the antics, and avoided them. I will always remember this first one they pulled on me. I got to the Foreman Shack with his meal. I stopped in and asked where I could find him. They told me down by track such and such. I had to make sure he got the meal, so Mom insisted I give it to him personally, no leaving it anywhere. So I saunter down to the place and when I got next to an engine, they had called ahead, and the engineer blew steam as I walked past. Scared the bejesus outta me! I almost dropped that lunch pail of hot stew!
  by Roundhouse Brat
Urban, you have made an old man smile! I recognize the Roundhouse building in the background in several photos. Not as good as the ones I had , but meat to a starving man!
One of an engine at the Noristown station shows the Valley Forge Hotel in the upper left background. I knew that area like the back of my hand as a boy! There was a tunnel from the station to get into town if the crossing was blocked. Thank you!