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  by daylily12
The P&DCRR ran between Philly & Newtown abt 1885 offering both Passenger and Freight service until abt 1910 then freight until abt 1953. Stations included Llanerch, Ardmore, Grassland and Newtown. It was merged into the Pennsylvania RR. I'm looking for a photo of the Grassland passenger station circa 1900-1910. Hope someone can help.
  by JimBoylan
I think it ran to Newtown Square.
  by mitch kennedy
Jim's right-once ran all the way to Newtown Square but cut back by PRR/PC. Check out the PRR "Triumph" series by Roberts.. long winded and expensive but has station shots of that vintage for nearly every PRR station
  by choess
If Triumph doesn't have it, it's possible that it might be included in the ICC Valuation survey of the branch at the National Archives, which would date from c. 1918. Be forewarned, however; access is somewhat tedious, and my experience with another part of the PRR system is that photos are relatively few and far between; many of the stations refer to a standardized plan with some notes on individual modifications. (That said, "Triumph" credits quite a few of their station photos to that source).