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  by alloboard
I am looking for information regarding the depot. I also know that the junction have existed there as early as 1832 or I might be wrong but some one from the forums earlier on told me that in 1895 it was a flat 2 to 4 track interlock plant. The 2 tracks was the Perth Amboy and Woodbridge RR which joined the 4 track PRR mainline. Today what was the 2 track Perth Amboy and Woodbridge RR now a 3 track New Jersey Transit that joins the what was the 4 track PRR now a 6 track Amtrak mainline via a flying junction. I am also looking for the plant which existed in 1895. I would die to find this information which I've been questing for years now. I you or anyone you know can find something I would deeply appreciate it.
  by Jtgshu
I think its the Triumph V book has pictures of Rahway before it was elevated and shows the at grade junction - It might also be the Triumph IX book as well, im not sure, which I have both and I know ive seen it in one or the other.

You might wanna try asking this in the NJRailfan forum or the PRR forum as well :)
  by ExCon90
Yes, Triumph V has a photo on page 125 looking west about 1892, showing two tracks diverging to the left from the 4-track main, and a puzzle switch where the westbound PA&W crosses Track 1. Page 130 has two photos of the station and grade crossing at about the same time, one looking east and one west. There are low wooden platforms for Tracks 1 and 4, and plank walkways across all 4 tracks. According to the book, the track elevation and construction of a new stone station were completed in 1914, and a track and signal diagram of the new interlocking of 1914 appears on page 128. If you want to try your luck at a library, the book is by David W. Messer and Charles S. Roberts and was published by Barnard, Roberts and Co., Inc., Baltimore, in September 2002, and the ISBN is 0-934118-27-2
  by alloboard
Thanks for the info that was very helpful. Does anybody know the exact date the St Georges Ave overpass at the Rahway Woodbridge border was built. I would assume 1912. Prior to that the tracks were there since 1830's on a grade level. Does anybody know any one who has any historical photographs of the site when it was a grade crossing and an overpass. I'm also looking for historical photographs for the now Leesville Ave overpass built in 1937 about hail a mile east of the junction.