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  by Bobby S
Thought I would ask here since many know the value of books as there are many out there. Is less than 3 beans for Volumes I-XII worth it? I guess there should be a RR Book Topic unless there is one already! Just tryin to find out as I am way into my PRR!!! LOL
  by atlpete
Sorry I'm a little dense, "less than three beans.." means how much?
IMO a complete set should be only worth the total retail $ of it's component volumes unless some of them have gone O.O.P. in which case that typically at least doubles the original retail price of that volume, the complete "Triumph" series would certainly be worth owning. There is some cachet to scoring the whole wad at once, less hassle than one at a time, lower total shipping etc.
  by Bobby S
Less than 300.00!