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  by Keystone
Does anyone know if the Pennsy ever used straight black paint on it's locomotives? How consistent is the shade of Brunswick Green (was there a secret formula like Heinz ketchup)? Or do the elements fade the green to black? I've seen some old jeeps and F units that looked black as coal!


  by thirdrail
The PRR didn't paint anything "Brunswick Green", the PRR name for the paint was "Dark Green Locomotive Enamel" or DGLE. I have variously heard that the formula was one pint of Forest green in 10 gallons of black or one quart of Forest green in 55 gallons (one barrel) of black. When a DGLE locomotive is parked next to a black locomotive, the DGLE one often looks blacker than the one that IS black.

Most models of PRR locomotives are far too green. BTW, it's not just Diesels that were painted DGLE, it was used on all power since about 1900.

  by Keystone
Great information. Thanks for sharing :D


  by crij
Seems odd that the color is so black. If you don't know, the LIRR was basically was part of the Pennsy, but not, if that makes sense?

I have a photo of the 44 tonner that the LIRR had in `51. Which used the Pennsy green for the ends of the locomotive below the floor, with the grey cab and hoods. In the photo, the green is almost a dark emerald, but it could be how the celluloid interpreted the color and aged, even though the rest of the photo looks to have correct colors for everything else.

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Rich C

  by Keystone
I'll have to read up on the Long Island RR. I'd like to know where the term "Brunswick Green" originated. As a child, I remember all the Baldwin Sharks passing by my uncle's farm near Johnstown, PA (late 50's). They just looked black, some more faded then others. I agree I've never seen anything as green the modelers have popularized. Thanks for your comments Rich C.

Rich F.

  by arnstg
Saw GG-1 #4927 at the IRM in Union, Il. over labor Day. Beautiful new paint job done about 2-4 years ago including the gold stripes.

The paint was a very dark green approaching black along with the gold stripes. IRM has a reputation for painting equipment back to their original colors.

It is a beauty to behold for its physical size and original color scheme.