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  by Eliphaz
I'm doing a modeling research project.
I would like to see photos of the PB-1s. There were five of them, 5750B, 5752B, 5754B, 5756B, 5758B
If anyone knows of such photos online Id be grateful, or can show some of their own, even better.

and a few questions, how long did they last?
did they have couplers at both ends originally?
Did get split up from their A's and used in consists with other units?

thanks for your interest.
  by Allen Hazen
George Elwood's great "Fallen Flags" rail picture site doesn't seem to have any PRR PB-1 shots (it has about five PA-1 photos; I haven't checked to see if any have PB-1 coupled to them...). It does have, at the top of the list of PRR diesel locomotive photos, or at
(which takes a few minutes to load) a "care and feeding of diesel locomotives" book that the PRR printed for its engineers in 1949 that covers PA/PB as well as other makes.
How long did they last? PRR decided early on that EMD E-units were their most dependable passenger power, and re-geared their ten PA-1 for freight service. I believe that the PB-1 were NOT regeared, and continued to be used at lleast occasionally as passenger B-units coupled to EMD A-units. In any event, all fifteen PA/PB were traded in on fifteen Dl-640 in 1961 or 1962.
I don't specifically remember ever reading that they had couplers at both ends, but they almost certainly did: couplers at both ends were standard, and I WOULD have read about it if PRR had, for whatever misguided reason, ordered PA/PB in drawbar connected sets. (Mind you, if any railroad had, it would have been PRR: they, after all, got their Baldwin Centipedes in 6000 hp drawbar-connected pairs! But I'm sure their PA/PB were normal.)
  by ex Budd man
Al Staufers Pennsy Power II has a few pictures of PB-1s. I love the dinky little horn on the roof for hostler moves, they remind me of the horns on PRSL RDCs when first put into service!