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  by Schaffner
I was wondering if anyone had information on when passenger service was discontinued on the northern part of the Chautauqua Branch. I know the Oil City to Corry local was removed in the mid 50's, but when was the last passenger train that would have ran between Brocton, NY and Corry removed?
  by Ocala Mike
That entire line (Red Bank to Buffalo) is shown as freight only in my November, 1956 Official Guide. Hope this helps.
  by Cactus Jack
As a follow up question, after the passenger service ended when were these line segments taken out of service / abandoned or torn up ?

Brocton to Corry
Corry to Oil City

I've seen pics someplace of a Conrail freight in Mayville CA 1978. Did this job operate from Corry?
  by TB Diamond
Pennsylvania Railroad (Penn Central) Chataugua Branch abandonments:

Brocton-Mayville, 16.1 miles, 01 April 1976, dismantled 1977.

Mayville-Corry, 28.8 miles, 1978.
  by Cactus Jack
Thanks for the info.

How about the trackage south of Corry ?

What kept Corry-Mayville open so long ?
  by kinger
anyone know where i could get a picture of the old tuntable in brocton the pit is still there
  by TB Diamond
I believe Corry-Mayville was under state subsidy for a time after the advent of ConRail.
  by erie2937
At Mayville the Ethan Allen furniture factory received rail service. I think when Ethan Allen closed there were no more customers left north of Corry. H.T. Guillaume
Actually ethan allen survived way past the railroad days well into the late 1990's. All truck service by then.