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  by marc224
Good morning, my name is Marc Moll,

My name is Marc Moll. I was told that you are the right person to contact about the history of bus transport in Canada (Ottawa) , Toronto ,Vancouver.
Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get information on this subject.
I had a discussion with a friend about bus transport in the 70s, especially in the 80s and 90s. I will also give a lecture on this topic (public transport) in class. l

My first question is: Since when have there been automatic announcements and stop displays on buses?

Or how was a passenger supposed to know where the next stop was?

How did the bus drivers deal with this? Did they follow it exactly, did most of them do it or only half, etc.? What percentage of bus drivers always give the stops without being asked?
Did the announcements work equally well during the period mentioned (1970, 1980, 1990) or was it worse at the beginning or end of this period?

Are there many former bus drivers or others who rode the bus frequently during this period (1970) or 1980/1990 who know what it was really like or experienced it themselves?

I look forward to your reply

With kind regards

Markus Moll
  by Pensyfan19
My apologies, but what does this have to do with railroads? The title for the topic is a bit misleading for a rail-based forum.
  by marc224
Hello ,

I am asking around here because it is difficult to get information on this topic.

I am sure that some of you here in the forum have already travelled on the buses during this period and can tell me something about this topic.

Many greetings

  by marc224
Can anyone say anything about this issue?