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  by Retroboy
Can any one know the history of the Parlor Car Service to Washington DC from Montauk? Dates of operation, photos, and of most interest to myself, if the Pennsylvania Railroad or LIRR publicized this with ads in magazines or Station posters?

I became quite curious after spoting this a few days ago:


  by timz
I guess 1927 is the first guess for this timetable, followed by 1921, then 1932? But no idea whether the car ran year after year.
  by n2qhvRMLI

See what Otto's post on the PRR thread turns up, also post it on the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society Forum: http://prrthsdiscussionweb30239.yuku.co ... /view/id/1

Good luck, interesting paper. We'd love to have a photocopy of it for display at the Railroad Museum of Long Island.

de Don n2qhvRMLI
  by JimBoylan
PRR's West Philadelphia or 32nd St. station was just North of 32nd & Markets Sts. The main use at the end, just before 30th St. Station's Lower Level was built, was for through trains that didn't stop at the dead end Broad St. Station. Old aerial photos before about 1930 should show it.
  by ExCon90
If you can find a copy of the Triumph series book on the Philadelphia Terminal (Vol. III?) it has a great series of aerial photos of the whole complex over a period of years.