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  by jackintosh11
I've seen a lot of paper metrocards recently - are they replacing the plastic ones with paper? Seems like it could save them some money.
  by STrRedWolf
MTA would need to switch over to NFC like WMATA and CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) did. That means adapting or replacing the fare gates all over the place.

My question for that would be "WHY HAVEN'T THEY ALREADY SWITCHED?!?" It definitely would save money. CTA does have one-way NFC "paper" but even then that saves a ton.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
The paper ones on MNR/LIRR ticket stock aren't NFC...they still have a stripe.

New fare collection is allegedly on the way...2019 (or later.)
  by Allan
You can buy a regular MetroCard from a MNR/LIRR ticket vending machine but the MetroCard will be a paper one rather than a plastic one. They will have the 'Instructions' for use on subway or bus on the back.

The combination MetroCards are available on the Weekly or Monthly rail tickets. Those have the Metrocard with stripe on one side and the MNR or LIRR ticket on the other.