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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Firetiger58
Does anyone know what happened to the Palmer,MA camera?
  by NHV 669
Technical issues, it seems.
  by NHV 669
Correction: it appears that the cameras coming down was the result of a business decision by Steaming Tender ownership, per a comment by the channel that runs the feeds. Can't say that was a very wise choice on their end.
  by Train60
Could be that they noticed a drop in the number of people stopping by the restaurant to watch trains (in person) and then eating lunch or dinner.

If people want the cameras to return they should let the owners of the restaurant know this (phone, email, on the restaurants Facebook page, in person, etc.) since its safe to say they won't return unless people push for their return.

In my view it was probably a mistake to take down the cameras, since they probably provided a certain amount of free advertising for the restaurant.
  by Matt Johnson
Just noticed it was gone. I wouldn't have ever known about the restaurant had it not been for the railcam.

Could it have been seen as a security or privacy concern? I could see arguments both pro and con for the cam there. Otherwise, yeah, seems odd.
  by Matt Johnson
Per a comment on youtube:

S T said there were numerous false alarm calls to fire & police referencing camera
  by sodaspop
Matt is correct:
I had a long talk with them about the 2 Palmer rail cams going off.
They said the police and fire were getting prank calls of something going on which wasn't, getting 'swatted,' etc.
They also said the cams actually are owned and managed by the railroad, but the restaurant requested they be turned off.
Also said they heard form a lot of disappointed people, but have no immediate plans to asked that they be reactivated, but hope to some day.
  by NHV 669
The cameras are actually managed by the "Boston and Maine Live" YT channel, who does the other cameras along the B&A, as well as the one up on the Moosehead. They just hit 100k subscribers this afternoon.
  by BandA
Maybe emergency services shouldn't accept anonymous internet messages.
  by eolesen
So much for see something say something, eh?

Emergency Services don't get to discount the severity of a report based off of where it comes from.

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  by BandA
Most people with computers have cell phones. E911 usually works. To take it to the absurd extreme, if the Palmer police get an email with a North Korean IP address should they give it the same weight?

The town website lists a phone number (unclear if it is a regular-business or emergency number) and a fax number and email addresses for the police chief and administrator.
  by NHV 669
Multiple comments/sources have stated phone calls, why are we dragging on this thread with this false "anonymous internet user" argument?

I literally saw a guy on there tell everyone he called authorities because the switch heaters were "red".
  by BandA
Kudos to the "good Samaritan" as a working switch heater could burn a trespasser.