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  by Head-end View
Today I was lucky enough (or so I thought) to catch an old train with PA-4 #841 on the head-end. The front storm-door window appeared to be very dark tinted glass that could hardly be seen thru in the tunnel. And the "railfan" window also seemed darker tinted than usual. I have never seen this before on any PATH equipment. Has anybody else seen it? I'm thinking maybe the front windows on this car had to be replaced at some point, and darker glass was used for the replacement windows?
  by OportRailfan
The door I've seen darker before, but not the railfan window.
  by HBLR
A small number of end doors have the dark/tinted glass as far as I've seen. Usually they have these "in" the train vs facing out, but due to reduced numbers of the older car types it's possible that this car will be on the leading/trailing end for a bit. I believe this may have been a project that they deemed unnecessary, vs some kind of random replacement. What is also interesting is that some of the cab end doors are single piece while others have a fixed piece and a "sash" piece that can slide up and down.
  by HBLR
Car 840 this morning had lightly tinted front one piece and side window. Rear one piece window was dark tint.