• Overhead views of BLW RS's with dynamic brakes in shorthood

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  by krobar
Does anyone know of any good look down photos of BLW DRS/AS road switchers with the dynamic brakes in the shorthood. I've looked through all my Baldwin books and have done quite a few searches on the internet but I've come up with zilch. Any info would be helpful, I would like to model some of these locos with that option. Thanks, Krobar :-)

  by hankadam
Check out the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania = their extensive photo collection. If anyone had a view from the top, they would. And, with a lot more work, you should be able to get a print from the top, and elsewhere, of most, if not all BALDWIN diesels. Some years ago, one of the custom model builders, making beautiful models, now from Korea, wanted such a view, since they could not find any photos. Of course we had all the drawings, before they were donated to the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission. Our "fee" (at the Baldwin-Hamilton Company) was a pair of models, "O" gauge. Well worth the price. Good luck, Hank Rentschler

  by Mimbrogno
You want picture?! I got picture!!!

You want problem? I got problem! I can't post it on this message!!!

I sure can email it to you though! I can give you actual dimensions for it as well. The photo was taken by me standing on the cab roof of DRS 6-6-1500 SC/83 Magma Arizona Railway #10. As a member of the Arizona Railway Museum, where MARR #10 now resides, I am able to get you any pictures and measurements you require. And because I'm such a nice guy, I'll do it for free! (although someday I'd love to have a PERFECT model of #10 made in either O or HO.)

I want to add that there are 2 variations of dynamic brake "hatch" that I know of. The early one, applied to SP's DB equiped DRS units have short circular ducts extending upward from the hood. I've only seen this style on these particular units.

The second, and much more common varity is the basic flat top grill, which is how MARR #10 and every other DB unit that I've seen is equiped. This consists of a 3 part mesh grill extending over the 2 cooling fans that sit just below the top of the hood.

I'm not sure why the SP variation was made, but I believe it is because when they initially tried to add the fans to the short hood, they mounted the fan blades and ducts on the top of the hood, not the bottom like all later units. (including all of SP's AS-616's)

Please post your email address here or send it to me at [email protected] so that I can mail you the photo. I got a bunch of other shots if you need more detail pictures! (including the top of the radiator and engine hatch, as well as MU connections.)

Matthew Imbrogno