• Outlaw speeders from 40 years ago

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by cjvrr
Awesome stuff!
  by traingeek8223

Thanks for sharing the great photos. Your "Unknown Location" is the south end of the yard trackage in Lake Placid. The Station Road crossing would have been right behind the photographer and the Chubb River is down the embankment to the right. Also, backing up from Snow Junction you would have likely turned the motor cars at the Old State Rt 12 crossing as that would have been the first usable crossing you would have encountered.

Keep them coming!
  by BR&P
Thanks for the info, Matt! It's been a long time and not everything sticks in your memory. I DO remember hearing that train, though! We made the right choice by not going to Remsen - they MIGHT have let us out of jail by now! :P

A couple random shots along the way:
Not the best pic but it shows both the beautiful scenery we encountered, and also note the paper bag lunch. The Norridgewock lodge where we stayed packed a box of lunches for whoever wanted to sign up.
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  by BR&P
I was speaking of this thread elsewhere, and in reviewing it note we have not posted a picture of the late Henry Pape, who was a key founder of the A.S.S. as well as a longtime NRHS member, American Legion Commander, and was one of those guys who knew EVERYBODY and who could talk his way out of any tough spot he was in. Henry was an incredible collector of anything rail related, and here is pretending to "liberate" the station sign in Thendara.
Henry hams it up.jpg
Henry's Ford flatbed, "Goliath", as the gang prepares to unload a couple speeders at Thendara.
Speeders at Thendara on Goliath.jpg
Nothing like renting an entire lodge for a weekend of speedering! This was one of two tables at breakfast one morning.
Beaver River Breakfast.jpg
I'll be out of town for most of January but will try to find a few more to post either before, or after we return.
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  by cjvrr
Thank you again. These are great photos and stories.
  by Fireman43
Jumping Way back to mention of Waterport and the trestle. If this link goes through, on street view the concrete whistle post after 40 + years still remains and it appears 2 ??? Tracks still show through the pavement on 279? I’d like to say the “mainline “. Ha. Plus the siding to the cold storage ?


  by BR&P
That is correct, Grower's Cold Storage was on the north side of the main and if memory is correct there were indeed two tracks at the road crossing.

And just in case you would like some totally useless trivia, Waterport's station number was 10698, the DICCS code was L-09, and the Charlotte clerk could call 716-682-3991 to speak to Paul Blake at Growers regarding cars they were receiving. :wink:
  by Fireman43
“Factoids” are always of interest.
Went to high school with the Blake kids.
At the time in the 50’s and 60’s when my grandfather had his cottage across from the dam we didn’t pay too much attention to our surroundings except to look up and watch the engine slowly creeping over the trestle after it ‘announced itself with a few blasts on its horn.
I wonder now what product was stored or shipped out of this storage.
Is in heart of the fruit belt but never really knew.

As kids we used to walk over the trestle against direct orders from our parents - always gave me the chills. Remember the few platforms hanging off the side of the trestle I thought were to use in case of an oncoming train?
No way Jose’, all rotted and missing railings - unless my memory as a kid is exaggerated.

I’d prefer to run like the kids do in the movies - or walk fast.
  by Fireman43
BTW - that phone number is active for someone - hung up as it started ringing!
  by BR&P
OK, let's continue, to help fight the boredom of quarantine.

Here's the group at Beaver River 09-24-77
Beaver River 09-24-77.jpg

No date on this one but it's up north, just south of Tupper Lake maybe? A little manual labor required to get across the dormant crossing
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  by traingeek8223
Second photo is Piercefield and is indeed just south of Tupper Lake.
  by BR&P
OK, this one I can't get to load right. I have rotated to every possible orientation on my computer but when I upload, it will only assume landscape layout. If there's a tech-savvy 3rd grader or older on here, please correct and re-post! :P

I THINK this is just north of Big Moose (Twitchell Creek?) but feel free to correct me, it's been a long time
img239 09-24-77 - Copy.jpg

I have mentioned the legendary Henry Pape. Hank collected EVERYTHING railroad related, and knew EVERYBODY. He got pulled over for speeding in some podunk town in the Adirondacks. Turns out he knew the cop, or maybe the judge, and talked his way out of it. He was with a group taking a tour of the old Retsof salt mine. Way down underground, miles from the shaft, one of the workers took off his mask or helmet or whatever, came over, "Hi Henry, how have you been?" :-)

Hank had the gift of gab and had stuff stored all over. I regret I can't recall the name of his friend in Webster, but he and Hank had a storage "yard" of speeders, most of which were Hanks and maybe 40% of which would run! :P Some of the other members of the A.S.S. also stored their motorcars there, and here's a pic of that collection.
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  by jurtz
That is the trestle over Twitchell Creek. Only curved trestle on the line.
  by BR&P
Thanks for the confirmations - I have not TOTALLY lost it! :wink: