• ONCT/FGLK rails under Route 322

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by lvrr325
My 1975 timetable appears to show this as designated track one with a 10 MPH speed limit. I'm not sure which way the tracks were numbered where there were two, however.

I don't recall where I read what the reasoning was for this removal, if it was related to cost cutting, or a desperate need for rail after a wreck somewhere else.
  by TB Diamond
Main track one would have normally been for westward movement. This would have been the north track. The south track was main track two which was normally for eastward moves.
  by BR&P
BR&P wrote:ONCT repaired the zig-zag after a derailment in the early 2000's, then later had the sharpness taken out of it by making both ends more gradual.
OK, not TOO far off. The derailment happened October 28, 1997, and was the final straw in "one of those days" which had already seen the train delayed account a truck blocking the track in Victor, a tree across the track near Rt 332, a 1-hour wait for FGLK to deliver cars, and a large number of rocks placed on the track by kids. The rear car of the 2-car train derailed in the zig-zag due to deteriorated ties. A part-time employee was induced to come out and help with rerailing, and the crew marked off at 0145 the next morning. (The engineer then worked her full-time college job at 9AM!)

Temporary repair was made to the damaged area and the next train ran November 2nd. After evaluation, it was decided a patch job was not going to cut it so several bundles of ties were ordered from A&K, who had a material yard at Manchester. As luck would have it, they did not have enough relay ties in inventory and it took some time to get them in. On Friday November 14, guess what arrived? No, not the ties. About 8 inches of snow! :( The work crew for the 15th was cancelled.

On Friday the 21st a crew distributed the ties along the work area and on the 22nd a work train, a hirail, a contracted Bobcat loader, and what help could be got tore into the job. The rails were removed, ALL the old ties were removed and sorted, with a few good ones being relaid. Truckloads of stone had been brought in and the Bobcat guy dumped it as needed. Work continued all week (when your help all have full-time jobs elsewhere, it's hard to match in a week the production a CSX tie gang can turn out in 30 minutes :P )

The first train through crept over the new track Sunday the 30th.

Will try to find dates for other major work there as time permits. I know in 2004 the old rail was changed out to 136LVM, using rail removed from the Rt 332 project.

A couple pics from the 22nd. As someone noted, "It ain't all glory!"
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