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daybeers wrote: Fri Jun 25, 2021 8:59 pm I realize it's a PANYNJ service, but I think the PATH is set to get OMNY as well, which is also run by the same authority. It's just silly that if you fly into JFK, you can't use OMNY there, but can in the rest of the system.
DB: Not totally true-NYCT Bus routes serving JFK accept OMNY - such as the 24/7 operated Q10 to Kew Gardens.
The Q10 route runs to and from JFK Airport Terminal 5.
The Q10 Bus-Subway connections are at:
Lefferts Blvd/Liberty Avenue - A Train - Ozone Park
Lefferts Blvd/Jamaica Avenue - J Train - Richmond Hill
Union Turnpike/Queens Blvd-Kew Gardens - E and F Trains (route terminal)
The Q10 route passes near the LIRR Kew Gardens Station offering another rail connection.

The Q10 offers a cheaper standard transit fare option for light travelers to/from JFK compared to the Airtrain.
  by Head-end View
That bus must be a lot slower than the Airtrain ride though. :(
H-E: You can download the Q10 Bus schedule here: https://new.mta.info/schedules/bus/queens
The Q10 is a MTA Bus (former Green Lines Bus) route offering Q10-LTD (limited stop) service at busy travel periods.
Even overnights the Q10 runs on average every 20 minutes or three buses per hour between KG and JFK.

The J Train stop in Richmond Hill is at 121st and Jamaica Avenue - two short blocks east of Lefferts Blvd.
This does not connect directly with the Q10 and is not listed in the timetable. The A, E and F Trains are as
previously mentioned do directly connect with the Q10.

The Q10 is one of just two Queens bus routes that directly serve the terminals of JFK Airport.
The other is the Q3 to Jamaica (Farmers Boulevard) via Locust Manor, St. Albans and Hollis to the 165th Street
Bus Terminal.

I posted the information about the Q10 because this is a bus route that I have used myself.

I remember that KG had gotten an interesting nickname: "Crew Gardens" from the neighborhood being popular
with airline crews due to its relative proximity to JFK. The Q10 Bus (with its frequent service) is a prime reason.
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"Crew Gardens" is good -- I hadn't heard that one before.
  by NaugyRR
So, I'm a bit confused here...

I signed myself and my girlfriend up for OMNY accounts last night. They way I read it, was that OMNY wasn't a physical card, a la the WMATA Smartrip Cards, but was going to implement people's tap-style credit cards.

Is there going to be a physical OMNY card, or do we use the tap-to-pay function with our newer credit cards?
  by daybeers
Yes, there will be a physical card coming as well as an OMNY app, hopefully this year. For now, contactless payment cards (the ones with the three white waves printed on it) or using a smartphone payment system works. It allows the same transfer and passback rules as the MetroCards, except for now it's only pay-as-you-go $2.75 per ride. Passes are coming at a later time. One free transfer from subway-bus, bus-bus, or bus-subway within two hours of the first tap. Important to point out that if you are going to use one contactless card or phone for more than one person, the payment method first needs to be recorded in the system before allowing passbacks. (noted here in the OMNY FAQs under "Can I still pay for multiple riders with OMNY?" There is a time limit; I believe it's 17 minutes. I was in NYC yesterday and confirmed this issue. I took one bus at 11:54 AM and it would only allow one payment. I took another at 12:13 PM and it allowed passbacks since it was 19 minutes between taps. I don't really understand why this is the case, because it's a huge issue for visitors. Other than that issue, I love the OMNY system. So much easier than lining up at a farecard machine to load money and then having to swipe it five times for it to work.

It was still a good idea to sign up for an OMNY account, and good also to add your payment card to the online account so you can keep track of your trips and confirm the transfers were charged correctly.

The company behind the system, Cubic, also developed London's Oyster Card system. Eventually the commuter railroads (LIRR & Metro-North) will be on the ONMY system and the MTA eTix app will be no longer, but that's coming later. Unclear what the rest of the CT railroads will do and how they will interline, say if you're going from Berlin, CT to Bridgeport, first on the Hartford Line followed by the New Haven Line.
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daybeers wrote: Mon Jun 28, 2021 1:28 pm Other than that issue, I love the OMNY system. So much easier than lining up at a farecard machine to load money and then having to swipe it five times for it to work.
That was a major selling point for me. We go to the city infrequently, so it's a pain to stop by the machine and check our balance (and exchange cards if one's expired) each time we go. And when they decide not to swipe, they really decide not to swipe, haha.


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Airline crews have used the Q=10 since the 1960s. Along with the Q-33 to LGA. Those 2 bus routes + using the E train to PATH bus terminal to get to Newark airport.( 107 bus I believe ? ).