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  by TrainDuNord
I have been trying for some time to get old video sequences shot inside NYC Pennsylvania Station before its destruction. All what I was able to find are those two:

http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid= ... 7648919796

http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid= ... 2886622693

Anyone knows of any other available on the net?

  by Septa Fan
They are outstanding ! Merci
  by Juniatha
Intriguing how it seems to have been so much busier in 1939 ..
In the 1949 scenes they all seem to have been considerably drowsier than in the earlier clip.
Gee ..
But it sure was a fantastic building and piece of architecture. It added upon the nobility of New York City.
Maybe in order to follow the Classic Roman example, the destruction was only meant to complete the cycle.
(sorry for joking, but what can you say about an example of 'vandalism' like that?)


  by E-44
And then there are the movies that used Penn Station for a backdrop (or a replica as noted on the linked page) as well.

NYP in movies

  by Work Extra
I don't know if the sound is real or not, but those clips are pretty cool.

I have been in the current thing they call Penn station and have seen many remains including that floor, the last remaining track indicator (west gate track 1) and several other artifacts.

It really was a beautiful place, Even amongst the ruins if you have the vision of what is looked like you can almost see where you are in relation to the old station.
  by ElliotCourtney
Were is that sighn in penn station?? is it in the LIRR NJT or Amtk concourses??
  by workextra
The 1949 clip is showing the main level on the 8th avenue side.
Today that sight (where the glass dome is in the clip) Is located directly under the disgraceful MSG. That glass block floor is the same floor you walk on today though it's covered by layers of "modern flooring".
  by Kaback9
Those are great vids. I wish they would build a new Penn Station that hole in the ground should not even be allowed the same name.
  by workextra
What has to be done now is making is a crime punishable by many years in jail; For any destruction of what little remains of the Temple of Transportation.
There is a lot still left in there. Many of the old stair cases are intact, the old floor is visible in many areas and should be exhumed and restored reused at all costs as a constant reminder of that act of vandalism.
I have to say, every single image I seen of the Post office conversion looks out of this world ridicules.
That building (the PO) is just as historic as the old Penn, and if it does become a train station It should and Must become one representing the old Penn in every way possible.The state should not permit or allow any floating modern glass structure that look insanely hideous. If a glass dome will be in visioned it is to be as close to an exact replica as they can get with out building the old station.
If I can get photos posted I will post some shots of the many remains of "The Temple of Transportation".
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  by pennsy
I remember that newstand. It must have been there right until the building was torn down.
  by joe k

There is on (outside display) at the Whippany Railway Museum in Whippany NJ one of the origional Track Indicators !
This indicator once stood about 15' tall but scrappers torches cut it down to about 7'

This was saved by former Morris County Central Railroad employees who went to a NJ landfill in the 60's during demolition to save this artifact.

You can view a photo at the museums web site under the "Exhibit" tab........ http://www.whippanyrailwaymuseum.net scroll down about 2/3 of the page.