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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by krapug
They are easy to pass by but I recently noticed two old sings still in place along Platform H at Penn Station Newark. FYI This is the upper Level PATH platform where you normally are let off by Newark bound PATH trains.

Anyway, on Platform H are 2 signs to guide you to where connecting trains leave from. The one sign annouces that CNJ "mainline" trains usually depart on track 5, and that Penn Central and CNJ "shore" trains normally depart on tracks 3/4, and Reading Company trains also depart from tracks 3/4. The second sign alerts you that Penn Central/CNJ "shore" trains depart from track 2 from 4:38 PM to 5:52 PM.

Considering that these signs have tech. been obselete since "Conrail" day, and at the very least since 1981 when the then SEPTA operated former Reading Budd Car equipped "Wall Street" and "Crusader" called it quits it's amazing that these sings (in plain view) remain. For the record they appear to be signage that were made and installed by PATH

Are there any other of these Old Signs still in place around NJ ???


  by Jtgshu
There is still an old PC green and font "Elizabeth" sign on the eastbound station building. I think until relatively recently (maybe they are still there, I don't remember) there were old PC style signs at Metropark on the stairs leading up to the eastbound platform.

  by njt4172
The Peapack station along the ex DL&W Gladstone branch still has its vintage DL&W wooden station sign hanging from the roof overhang...


  by Irish Chieftain
Newark Penn Station, of course, still has "P E N N S Y L V A N I A" emblazoned across the building's top half and there are PRR motifs adjacent to the Raymond Plaza West entrance.

  by Tri-State Tom
Fun topic Ken....

If you go to the CVS parking lot adjacent to the Claremont Ave. grade crossing in Montclair ( Montclair-Boonton Line ), you'll see a blue & white 'John Blondell & Son' emblem painted onto the rear of a concrete building now owned by a fuel oil dealer.

AIR, Blondel & Sons, a one-time large coal dealer in Montclair, went out of biz or was sold sometime prior to 1980 or so.

  by TR-00
Still emblazended in stone on the former Public Service building near 4th and Federal Streets in Camden, "PUBLIC SERVICE GAS, ELECTRIC, RAILWAY."

  by transit383
They're not station signs, but on most highway bridges that cross the Amboy Secondary or the Dayton Branch are signs that say "DANGER, LIVE WIRE, KEEP OFF." Some signs are rusted and show that the weather has taken its toll on them. They are all posted on the high walls that exist over the tracks. This line hasn't been electrified since Conrail ripped out the wires in the early 80's.

Also, there are a few signs around central NJ, near major highway jughandles, that are blue and in a white circle have a picture of an Arrow with passengers boarding. Underneath it says "Jersey Avenue Park and Ride." These too show some signs of age, but most are in excellent condition. Two locations off hand I can think of that have the signs are Ryders Lane and Route 1 in East Brunswick and River Road and Route 18 in Piscataway.

  by CarterB
Many of the overpasses on the Bergen Main still say ERIE.

  by metman499
The railroad bridge in Cranford over Lincoln Ave has the CNJ round emblem on it, being renewed after the bridge was repainted a few years ago.

  by JDFX
Although not a sign, if you go to the PATH station in Exchange Place, one of the man hole covers says "H.& M. R.R." on it...

  by nick11a
I love going to Hoboken and right before entering the tunnel looking down right out the window to what is now freight lines and looking at the tunnel and seeing "Erie" above it.

  by JLo
The elevated Paterson Station has "Erie" written all over it.

There are numerous LV diamonds imprinted on overpasses in Somerset County.

NJ has also placed several CNJ markers along the RVL, the newest being the replacement overpass over Rt 206 in Somerville, touting the CNJ's historic role of moving immigrants from Ellis Island west.

  by njt4172

Don't forget the concrete slab that says "DL&W 1908" before you enter the tunnels......


  by nick11a
njt4172 wrote:Nick,

Don't forget the concrete slab that says "DL&W 1908" before you enter the tunnels......

Thanks. :D
  by Trainbuff109
Newly repainted signage on the Raritan Valley Line( former CNJ MainLine). At the corner of Grant Ave. (Rte. 27) and Front Street in Plainfield NJ, there is a railroad bridge that has been repainted to an antique light green color and sports the classic white on red Liberty herald of the Jersey Central Lines.
Also if your in Milltown New Jersey, there's the Raritan River Railroad's freight building along the it's former tracks on what I believe is Milltown Road. It still has the name painted on the building.
If I remember more - I'll post again. Jon Wiz.