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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by oldedepot
Hello everyone,

I am new to this group, and I am hoping you can help me. My husband and I are buying the old South Weymouth Old Colony train depot. We are trying to restore it to its original beauty and are going to convert it to and old fashioned general store, something which we hope the whole community can enjoy and be proud of. Certainly a better alternative than destroying it!

Anyway, I am looking for information on the building such as who built it, who was the architect, pics of the old depot, etc. I am also looking for ideas about the types of lights that might have been used and any memorabilia or antiques that might be appropriate to display to add the the atmosphere.

I have been searching the internet but cannot find much information on this depot....it is as if it were considered an insignificant part of the line.

Can any of you help me with any of this??? Any assistance and information would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.
  by Leo Sullivan
Why is this so obviously New Haven RR or New England Forum subject in this forum?
  by 3rdrail
This is the first time that I''ve seen this thread. It was put up six and one half years ago - about a year before I joined up with this group. I was going to suggest that this would have probably gotten all sorts of talk on the MBTA forum, but it really is more of a NH topic than an MBTA one, in spite of the fact that the T is there now. To put it on the "Train Station" Forum was probably the kiss of death. This is a problem that we have to fix here regarding topics like the MBTA one where one compressed forum not only carries multiple times, but multiple vehicle types and service. In January, 2012, it's easy to throw a subject into the MBTA Forum, but who's to say that the original poster didn't want to discuss the old New Haven operations at South Weymouth Station ? No doubt that it would have drawn viewers from the MBTA crowd, but it might have lost them from the old NH one. To miss an interesting topic on an obscure forum is nobody's fault- we have to go where the action is, unless you want to scan RRN 24/7. Perhaps an "Order of Listing Precedence" ?