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  by B&Mguy
Can anyone tell me how long those 4 RDCs have been sitting in the old rail yard in Lincoln. I'm not talking about the Hobo RR yard, but the old B&M yard that is behind the businesses on route 112. Some of them have the old B&M markings whille another is in MBTA Commuter Rail Colors. I wasn't even aware that the yard in Lincoln still existed. I thought they developed it all into the mall. The cars are in pretty rough shape. I wonder what the plans are for them.

  by DutchRailnut
Ask Hobo railroad they own those cars.

  by GP40MC 1116
Taken Last July by myself. In the first picture the farthermost RDC was let loose by local teenagers years ago, they undid the brake and it drifted out of the yard and down to the wye where it hit the derail and went into the main road (Rt 112?) in Lincoln. It has some moderate damage to the vestibule end. Their also is a two more on the other side, including one ex MBTA still in the purple paint scheme