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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by 0475Joe
ebtmikado, I love the beginning scene with 3025 getting ready for the day—very interesting viewpoint!

On another note, is anybody aware of any photo runbys besides the one between Old Saybrook and Essex for this Sunday's MBREE excursion?

Thank you.
  by kitn1mcc
anyone with scanner we have gone back to analog
channel 1 160.695 aar 39/39
channel 2 160.230 aar 08/08

Channel 2 is mostly used on the northern end
  by Jonathan
Can anyone confirm this? Is the north pole express going to have 3 trainsets? If so, How will they make that happen?
  by shadyjay
Seeing some vids on FB posted this evening of #97 back in action. That means there are currently 3 operating steam locomotives on the VRR, for the first time ever. One of the reasons for having 3 steam locomotives operational is so they can have 3 separate trainsets for the North Pole Express. The 3 trainsets are reportedly to be used between Thanksgiving and Christmas on the weekends. Its going to be quite impressive from what I imagine... only wish I lived closer and that my weekends weren't tied up between now and May.
  by 0475Joe
Jonathan, there will be 3 train sets running at once for the North Pole Express season. Trains will meet at Essex and Deep River.
  by 0475Joe
NPE 1 consists of the "Great Republic" parlor car, coaches 501, 502, 503, the Colonial Hearth kitchen car, and coaches 1002, 1001, & 1000.
NPE 2 consists of the "Middletown", "Goodspeed", "Wallingford", & "Meriden" parlor cars, plus coaches 603, 601, & 602.
NPE 3 consists of former Timber Train cars 404-401 plus power car 400.

Note: NPE 3 only operates on weekends after Thanksgiving.
  by shadyjay
So it looks like the cars on each train are like that because of their heating situation:

NPE1 cars are all steam heat coaches (except the Westerly....err...Colonial Hearth). These were the cars used on the original NPE, before multiple trainsets were added. But was Colonial Hearth modified for steam heat to pass through to get to the rear 3 coaches?
NPE2 cars all look to have self-contained heating systems, with generators
NPE3 cars (Timber Train) must have electric heat, hence why the power car was needed.
  by kitn1mcc
the new power car also has a small kitchen on one end
  by 0475Joe
kitn1mcc yes that makes sense, I was told the kitchen area on NPE3 would be cramped. I believe they are consolidating roles on that train to conserve space.
  by 0475Joe
Stoped by the station a day ago and noticed the Parlor/Dining "Meriden" was nowhere to be found(in the shop I'm assuming), as well as 97 and 40's tenders disconnected from their respective locomotives. Any info regarding work on these pieces?

Also saw the friend's caboose outside the shop, looking great!
  by shadyjay
Meriden and the Colonial Hearth are currently in the shop for their yearly inspections. Eventually all cars will be cycled in for this week between now and April. Tenders from 40 & 97 disconnected to permit all 3 steamers to be indoors for the offseason.
  by Brendan
The Friends of the Valley RR has been running Hi-rail trips from the Goodspeed yard on RT 82 in Haddam up to the end of the new serviceable track since the Eagle flyer trains were over. They will be continuing to run these trips on Saturdays from 11 to 3 for the next couple weeks. Then every Saturday in June and September they will be running Hi-rail trips from Haddam Meadows as they have been doing for the last couple years. But this year the trips can be twice as long as before, do to a small culvert job that was completed last year opening up 1 and a half miles of track from the Meadows down to the Mill river bridge. Come on out and enjoy all the new track-age. There is no charge for the rides on the Hi-rail but donations to the FVRR are appreciated to help the ongoing effort to open all this track.
  by rhallock
Would it be advisable to make a reservation beforehand? I don't know how popular these hi rail trips are.
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