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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by CSRR573
So will all trains now terminate at the marina or will only specials go past the stop point past deep river?(sorry dont know the MP) I would imagine the riverboat schedules would change if thats the case
  by ebtmikado
Schedules are all set for 2017, and can't be changed.
So for this year at least, Only the Dinner Train and specials will operate this far north.
  by Backshophoss
Whats the timeframe for reopening that brush cleared section of track? Will some of the bridges need repairs to be safe for trains to cross them?
Ties and rails seem to be in fair condition from that Hi-rail video.
  by Brendan
Track restoration is an on-going process. We are rebuilding about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile per year going north with our Volunteer track gang working steadily on Wednesday nights and Saturdays. This year, building the track though the marina in Haddam was a huge obstacle that we have over come. Public opinion of the tourist train is changing for the better in Haddam as track work continues north. Yes bridge work will need to be done and many more new ties will need to be installed but progress is increasing steadily every year. There are no obstacles going forward, that we have not dealt with already on the currently active section of the line. All we need is more volunteers and donations to the friends of the Valley RR. Check us out at friendsvrr.org

We have Run 3 special trains, as well as our dinner trains, over the new section this year, one for our volunteers and 2 for the general public. The first public one, had about 180 passengers and the second over 300! The fall will see many more foliage specials running up there along with our lunch and dinner trains. We have activated a 1/2 mile of new track this year and are hoping to have another 1/8 mile before the season is over.
  by ebtmikado
This past weekend, as has been the case for the last several years, the Friends of the Valley Railroad offered rides on speeders, a pump car, and a hi-rail vehicle on a 3-mile stretch of the Valley Line, from Haddam Meadows State Park in Haddam, as part of the Tobacco Valley Flywheelers annual antique equipment and machinery show. The weather was nice, and there was a good turnout on both days. Here is a brief video of the Friends' operations.


  by Ridgefielder
Wow- the New Haven panel truck- what is that? An old IH Travelall?
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  by Brendan
The truck was built by a couple FVRR volunteers from a 1966 Chevy suburban and old hi-rail gear that they bought and put together.
  by Brendan
Today is the start of the Valley Railroads Haddam swing bridge fall special trains. Steam engine 3025 will be taking a second train all the way to the end of the newly expanded track. This special train will be running Saturdays and Sundays Sep. 30 - Oct. 22 leaving Essex at 11:10 am and returning at 4:30pm. There are connecting shuttle buses to Haddam and East Haddam all day. One can also board the train at Eagle landing state park in Haddam by the bridge and ride from there, north, to end of the new track boarding around 12 noon. our volunteer tack gang has now opened over a half mile of track north of the marina were we built track through in the spring.
  by ebtmikado
As planned, the season's first Haddam Swing Bridge Fall Special operated on Saturday, Sept. 30, departing Essex at 11:25 AM.
Here, the steam train is seen passing Midway Marina on its way toward MP 14, which
the FVRR track crew plans to have in service by the end of October.
The Special operates Saturday and Sunday through October 22.

  by Brendan
The Valley RR has officially extended the track rehabilitation past mile post 14!!! This is a huge accomplishment. The FVRR's Saturday volunteer track gang along with support from the Valley RR's full time track dep. rebuilt the track from MP13 to MP 14 in just 3 years! It had taken 14 years to get from mile 12 to 13 Way to go Valley. They are now only 5/8 of a mile from the High bridge seen in the movie "it happened to Jane" and only 2 miles from Haddam Meadows State Park entrance.
  by shadyjay
I want to say thanks to the VRR and crew/volunteers for everything during this past weekend's Mass Bay RRE "Two Rivers Special" excursion. We traveled right up to the "stop post", with my coach (the 2nd on the train) stopping right next to MP 14. The track was in great shape - none of that leaning that you used to get on track that was just reopened. I can remember at times when we first started traveling north of the old stop post at MP 9 how much lean there used to be on the tracks. Things have certainly come a long way!

It was also great reconnecting with various former coworkers and meeting some of the new staff.

Here's the photos I took of the trip:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/shadyjay/ ... 2041042158" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by ebtmikado
Holiday Trains on the Valley Railroad.

Holiday trains operate 6 nights a week through December 29 (except Dec. 24 & 25). No operations on Mondays.
On Saturday and Sunday, 12 round trips operate each day, 9:30 AM through 7:35 PM.

Here is a video from Saturday, Dec. 2:


  by Noel Weaver
YES!! I enjoyed this very much. One of the few things that I miss about the northeast. Snow is lovely to look at but I really don't miss it. Forecasts here in south Florida is for high 70's or low 80's. That's more my speed. Huge thank you for sharing.
Noel Weaver
  by ebtmikado
With the ice jams in the Connecticut River, and a state of emergency being declared in the Haddam area, the Valley Railroad, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week is offering free rides for the public to view the ice build up.
Coast Guard cutters have been working for 3 days to break up the ice, but still have about 10 miles to go to reach the hardest hit area.
Seats for the free Saturday trips, going fast, may be reserved by calling the railroad 860-767-0103 ext 0.
Trips depart from Goodspeed Station, at the Rt. 82 crossing, near the Swing Bridge. Parking at Eagle Landing State Park, which is across the road.

Here is a video from yesterday:

  by ebtmikado
The EAGLE FLYER takes off this coming weekend, and the following weekend.
It is a diesel-powered 2.5 hour trip, affording passengers the opportunity to see bald eagles, other seasonal birds, and the occasional harbor seal in the frozen waters of the Connecticut River.

http://essexsteamtrain.com/seasonal-exc ... gle-flyer/

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