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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Boston-and-Maine
wog820 wrote:
The trip is still on for the 25th, we'll leave Northfield/Tliton around 8:00 or 8:30am. I don't know of any stops, but I'll find out that morning. I'll be on the "Cold Harbor". :wink:
The 25th of April? Dang, I can not make it out that day... Are you planning any other trips this year? I would really like to see this :-D
  by wog820

The 25th of April? Dang, I can not make it out that day... Are you planning any other trips this year? I would really like to see this :-D[/quote]

We go back to Northfield the following day, 26th. :wink:

June 12 We go to Lincoln for RailFest. There is going to be alot to railfan that weekend. :-D

  by toolmaker
What time does the Caboose train leave Lincoln today? Thanks!
  by wog820
Caboose train to leave Lincoln on sunday morn. for trip back to Tilton. Good possibilty that NEGS could meet Hobo after caboose train is put away, to pick up the RDC move to Lincoln. :wink:
  by wog820
The Caboose train is leavung Northfield/Tilton frieght house for a trip north to Lincoln on Friday 9/18 around 3;00pm. The return trip will be sunday morning, probaly around 9:00am. With the NASCAR and Highland Games going on , it's going to be a busy weekend around there. :wink:
  by DavidSRose
Hi folks! Just found this thread. Could someone please give me the details of the October 24 trip to Concord? I know you'll find it hard to believe, but there's a chance (just a chance, mind you) that it may mark the triumphal return of the world's sexiest 1914 B&ARR caboose!

  by wog820
Hello Dave, good to hear from you! Your caboose looks great, glad to see it out of the engine house. When do they plan to bring it back to Tilton? The trip to Concord is on the 24th of October with a 10am departure time we return the following day. Are you planning to come up for the ride? I'll be sure to tell the rest of the gruop. :wink:
  by DavidSRose
I think the "christening" voyage will be my daughter (graduate school age) and some friends of hers, since I'll be out of town that weekend. I'm still talking to the railroad, but my assumption is that the logical thing to do might be for them to bring it down that Saturday morning, when they come to make up the train. Since this would be the first time my daughter will see the car, do you think that some of you might be willing to be Good Samaritans and help her get comfortable with the whole Caboose Train thing?

  by DavidSRose
OK folks, it looks as though there's a good chance my daughter will be able to make it on the 'christening run', and that we'll bring the caboose down from Lincoln with the engine that morning. But unfortunately I've misplaced all the trip details, and I'd like to give her as much info as I can, since she hasn't been to the car before. The train leaves Tilton at 10, right? Which means that the briefing/meeting is around 9:30, so she should be there around 9, correct? Then it's off to Concord (arrival what time? Any stops? Anything particular happening in Concord that evening?) Departure the next morning around what time? Stopping somewhere for lunch? Scheduled arrival back at Tilton?

Also, I'm still looking for a volunteer 'Good Samaritan' would be willing to help her get everything set with the car and take her under their wing that morning. Any takers? I'd be REALLY appreciative!

  by NHN503
Dave here is our "normal" schedule for NEGS caboose trains

0700 - Crew on duty
0830-0845 Arrive Northfield Yard make train
0930 - Rider safety meeting
1000 - Depart southbound
1130 -1200 Arrive Concord

1030 Crew on Duty
1045 make train
1130 Depart northbound
1400 - Arrive Northfield yard

Northbound run generally includes a stop of the Merrimack River overlook for about 20-30 min.
  by DavidSRose

Thanks for the info! Is there anything particularly interesting happening in Concord that afternoon/evening that you know about? (Also, the last time I was up I was planning to get a scanner for the car, but haven't yet. Is there any model that most people use that you'd recommend?)

  by NHN503
Don't know about anything interesting happening in Concord...I just work down there and dont partake in the social scene down there since I live almost 2hrs north. :-D
  by wog820
Might want to find out where train is going to be parked for night, last time we went we spent night near the Dental place, not next to the Marriot, from what I heard that might be the place of choice from now on. Not to close to much, Execpt the Space museum. :wink:
  by wog820
From what I heard private caboose Vermont Railway #10 is being sold to the Milford & Bennington RR to replace the caboose they lost in an accident last week.
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