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  by BSOR Patarak
I wondered if there were people on the forum that had old Equipment Registers dating back to the turn of the century?

I am researching freight cars of the Arcade and Attica Railroad. From 1917 until around 1940, they rostered flat cars, gons and refrigerator cars.

I am interesting in obtaing photocopies of the page with the A&A's listing from various months for the years 1917 thru 1945.

I am trying to verify car numbers and types. The refrigerator cars in question seem to have been replaced and or renumbered. in 1920, they are listed as cars #6,7 and 8. 1926 shows "Milk Cars" #102 thu 105 and 6,7,8,9. By 1938, these were not listed as interchange cars. Though I have seen photos of the wooden refers that lasted in early 1940, still in Arcade, probably used for local service to the plant that became Bordens.

Another era would be 1965 to 1970. The A&A experimented with three series of Box Cars for Bordens, starting from small 1920 built B&O cars, into a few more modern. I wondered when they were first listed for interchange service. I have one page from 1968 showing them first series numbered from 401 to 413.

If anyone could lead me to a place to find various years of the Equipment registers, I would appreciate it. Just a photocopy of the section, generally the A&A's listing was a half page or less. I'd be interested in any of the years. Also, older ones of predecessor roads, specifically the Buffalo, Attica and Arcade lasting from 1895 until 1917 could be helpful.

Thanks for any help,
Pat Connors

  by BR&P
Pat, the July 1966 ORER (page 511) shows "Freight cars owned: none". That should narrow it down a little. Have you checked with Ed Lewis yet? He might be able to help.

  by BSOR Patarak
Thanks BR&P, I haven't checked with Mr. Lewis on this. The Box Cars are pretty well documented. I'm most interested in the early cars from 1917 - 1940. Does anyone know of any online Equipment Register infos? or perhaps any collectors of editions from the time frame?

  by dti406
Westerfield has some old Railway Equipment Registers on CD, check his website for costs and availability.