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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by omar
superwarp1 wrote:PM sent,

What is the most likely motive power this weekend?

NAUG 2203 (GE U25B) will be on the regular excursion train.

NH 529 (Alco RS-3) will be hiding in the north woods between MP12 & MP16.4 in EFH service.

Omar's caravan will be passing by E. Litchfield / Litchfield station on Sunday & will camp out there that day. Just watch out for camel pies.

  by superwarp1
Had a great time on the pumkin run yesterday. I see things are much imroved in the five years I last visited. Job well done guys.

I was surprised by how much rolling stock and motive power you have. I see lots of projects for many years to come.


My wife and one of my daughters.

  by Robert Paniagua
I remeber going to that station myself in 2002 and I took pictures along that line, I like the FL9s I had, they were 2002 and 2019, we went prety fast though, at 30mph.

I like that 2203 engine I see in the photo, not a bad one, and I can also see that the train was a bit longer, three cars or more, mine was two cars long with 2002 and 2019 attached on either end.
  by omar
Robert Paniagua wrote:I like the FL9s I had, they were 2002 and 2019, we went prety fast though, at 30mph.

Maybe at 25mph - which is the railroad maximum passenger speed!

In any case - it is now the end of the season, with just 3 weekends of Xmas Trains in December left.

Now is the time to come to the aid of your local preserved railway!

Trackwork commences this week on Thursday (I think) and over the weekends in November.

Shoot an e-mail to whomever on the website saying that you'll be happy to "tote that barge - lift that bail" yadda, yadda, yadda.

In any case, I'll see you there - ready to run you 20 somethings into the ground on trackwork.....
  by omar
Now that the scheduled passenger operation has a break for a month, trackwork is now the order of operation.

As of today, ties have been layed out for a rebuild of the Thomaston Runaround north switch and obstructions pertaining to the removing/inserting said ties have been addressed with a fine turnout of volunteers - some from as far away as the nether regions of NEW JERSEY!!!

As the fly-boys say - weez just starting to spool up....

The next 3 weekends will see some significant activity.
If you have an interest (even just taking pictures or watching/back-seat driving/critisizing, contact you-know-who at www.rmne.org.

Best regards,

PS Next Weds & Thurs are scheduled for some interesting scenes/operations.
  by Dana
Nice picture Gary! I notice the conspicuous absence in this picture of Mr. Zog, Mr. Omar and Mr. H.F. Malone. They couldn't have been very far away though.

  by Otto Vondrak
Omar, HFM, please continue to post announcements of work parties here... I'm sure there are lots of folks who read this board who would like to be involved.

  by H.F.Malone
OK, Otto, you wish is my command....

Saturday Nov. 18, track work at Thomaston-- replacing switch timbers in north passing track switch. Start time is 0900, finish time is 1600 (it gets dark early these days).

Friday, Nov. 24-- come work off that turkey and stuffing from the day before!! Project is replacing track ties in shop lead at new Thomaston shop. Start time is 0900, finish is 1600. Shop site is south of Thomaston along Waterbury Road (old Rt. 8).

We do have machines to assist in these projects, so it's not all grunt work. Since it's outdoors, it IS weather-dependent...no work if it's a lot of rain.

Planned start date for concrete floor to be poured inside shop building is Monday, Nov. 27. It should be done by end of that week. After it sets for a week or so, we'll start pulling the 131 lb welded rail inside and fasten it down.

There may be some rail salvaging missions in the greater Waterbury area in the next few weeks-- stay tuned for details.

  by Otto Vondrak
With 2006 drawing to a close, I was wondering what the NAUG has planned for 2007? Any more work on Thomaston station? Or the new shop building?

  by H.F.Malone
The shop project is really no different from having your kitchen rebuilt or having an addition added to your house--- the same "contractor's promises" to be on-site at a certain time and day, and then they don't show, put it off a week, etc. As of Friday 12/22/06, the concrete slabs for the two tracks are complete (poured 12/12 and 12/13) and the first half of the finished floor is being poured today (12/22). Contractor originally promised full floor completion by 12/22, but.... Looks like next week for THAT.

Final outside grading, construction of track up to and through the building, and start of interior mechanical systems (electrical, heat, light, plumbing, etc) will resume in early January.

As soon as the track is useable into the shop building, equipment will go in for work-- coach 5805, RS-3 B&M 1508, RS-3 NH 529 are planned for the first shop jobs. Track work on the yard tracks and next switches will continue, weather permitting.

For the rest of 2007, we will be doing all the usual things-- mainline track work (mechanized tie replacement and surfacing), locomotive restoration and maintenance (some new locomotive power in service this season), coach restoration (another completed coach, with all-new windows and restored interior), perhaps a restored freight car or two, maybe even a Railfan Day in Sept. (that would be decided in the summer and may be on rather short notice). The Thomaston Station display track will see a major reshuffling of display equipment in the springtime, with quite a few "new" items replacing stuff that's been there for a few years.

So, some interesting things are planned for 2007; let's check back in 364 days and see how we did in getting them accomplished!!!

A great and good Holiday Season to all of you out there!!!!

somewhere around MP 6
  by Zog
Progress Report:

The last of the concrete for the Restoration Shop floor was poured yesterday 1/3/07. When it was all finished a total of 339 cubic yards was used to complete the specialized floor design. This figure does not include the concrete required to pour the inspection pit which had been completed previously. If all goes according to schedule we should have the track into and through the building by the end of February.

  by SpecialK
I am ashamed to say that I was unable to show up in my last visit home over the holidays.... I would have been more than happy to pitch a railroad tie off a flat car, swing a hammer, or even paint something..... next time (most likely the end of '07), I'm making it a point to get down there. It would be good to see old faces and meet new ones, and to see some of the numerous changes.


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  by NaugMOW
HFM, please contact me off-list. I would like to find out more about volunteering at RMNE.


[email protected]
  by JonnyRay
If you join the RMNE can you photograph anywhere / anytime?
  by CannaScrews
Joining allows access to the property - insurance requirements and all that rot. As far as anytime? Most activities are on the weekend, Tuesdays (during operating season) and Tues & Thurs nights, I think.
It's a good idea to support your local railway museum in any case. Many photographers became more involved in the organization by just seeing what is going on behind the scenes.
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