• Oddball crossing signal on West Shore branch in Henrietta

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by charlie6017
Some time late last year there was a discussion on the Rochester railfan Facebook group about
the layout of tracks at Mortimer. Within this discussion, someone mentioned a different time of
crossing signal at the West Henrietta grade-level crossing before it was grade-separated some years
later -- however there were no photos posted within the thread.

Someone described it as a PRR-style position light signal with the lights rotating in a carousel type
of way. Curious to know if anyone here has any photos of this unique abomination in former NYC territory? :-D

  by CPSmith
This 1978 topo shows a shoofly for West Henrietta Road, so I have to assume that's when the crossing came out and the bridge went in, plus or minus a couple of years. I don't remember anything unique about that crossing, but I would love to be wrong! Are you sure they weren't thinking about the flashing lights outside of the strip joint? No, wait - that's East Henrietta Road ...
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  by BR&P
This post wakens a fuzzy memory - no pics but I believe it's correct. Seems to me there WAS some circular target with sequential lights on it. They had their share of crossing accidents there and may have been trying something new to try to draw motorists' attention.

And CPS, don't forget the other such establishment on WEST Henrietta Road near the LV/LA&L crossing. Not that I ever went there, either.
  by TB Diamond
Recall that oddball crossing warning as well. No photos, of course as "It would always be there". Fell victim to that syndrome more than once, alas.

Over on East Henrietta Road there was an institution named the Town Line Tavern (or Town Line Bar) just compass north of the West Shore. Never patronized the place.
  by FarmallBob
I too vividly remember that odd warning signal on West Henrietta Rd!

I’m pretty sure it was a CPL head with lunar white in all 8 positions (the lenses looked bigger than in a PL). When activated the lamps were lit/extinguished in a clockwise pattern at about 40 revolutions per minute. The lumen output decay as each lamp was extinguished gave the illusion of a slowly circling “comet”.

It was quite eye-catching, making it stand out from multitude of neon in front of businesses near the crossing.

Sadly it disappeared when an overpass eliminated the grade crossing.