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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by railfan123
Anyone aware of any train layups or yards within the 2 counties.. please leave yard names or spots...... thank u
  by OCtrainguy
The only yard in the Monmouth & Ocean is NJT's Bay Head Yard, the southern termunis of the North Jersey Coast Line. The lines served by Browns Yard (in Middlesex County), Freehold Secondary and Southern Secondary, currently do not have any trains that layover. The SA31 may work the Freehold Secondary on Fridays, but I am not sure.

  by NY&LB
OC: you forgot about Long Branch Yard, the terminus of electrified service on the Coast Line. And then there is the question of how you define a "yard", if you define a yard as a place where trains are made up, then when you add Long Branch you are probably complete, however, Red Bank still has "yard tracks" where some equipment is stored periodically and you might even consider Lakehurst. There are inactive yard tracks in Matawan as well.

  by railfan123
what the question is, is do these inactive yard tracks have trains there?... also does red bank have the trains there..... if any information... id like to know more about the red bank, matawan, and freehold places u speak of!

  by Jtgshu
The only thing that remains of the formerly very elaborate tracks at Matawan is the Natco Industrial.......if you could call it that.

Two tracks, that dead end at the base of the Parkway bridge. They are both wired for operation and were used by NJT for apparently a relatively short time in teh mid 80's when the electrificatoin ended at Matawan.

Red Bank still has a yard, actually two, Southern Yard, which is off of track 1, next to the Southern Sec, adn Red Bank yard, which is off of track 2. both are just RR west of Chestnut street.

There is also Neptune yard, if you could call it a yard.

  by railfan123
wow id like some more information on the neptune yard. the red bank yard, and the southern yard..... is the matawan only a NJT, becuase id preffer freights.... ill probably be making my way down there on sat. so as much information as possible would help greatly.... im going to pm you.... but if anyone else had more information on where freights are parked in the area.... please let me know....... Also...... TROPICANAS!......... anyone know where the hell in jersey they can be found?
  by OCtrainguy
Oh, yeah, how could I forget about Long Branch Yard. My bad. Wasn't Neptune Yard the southern terminus of freight on the NJCL in 1983? I have a Conrail system map from 1983 and the Conrail line ended at Asbury Park. I have seen a few pieces of MOW (sometimes a flatcar or a gondola) on occasion in that area.

The freight lines are the Freehold Secondary and the Southern Secondary. The SA31 runs the NJCL between South Amboy and Red Bank.

  by 1st Barnegat
The Neptune Yard was listed as Bradley by the PRR. Word was that in the '30s Bradley had eleven tracks. By the '60s it had about four or so. Still there in '76, when it hosted the American Freedom Train.

Bradley was one of the set out places for blocks brought by PRR's NJC-1, a freight run from Wavery to Sea Girt. See http://broadway.pennsyrr.com/Rail/Prr/F ... _1960.html for more information on NJC-1. Other references state that the PRR was prevented from serving shore industries directly; that work was enjoyed by CNJ.

My guess is that CNJ and PRR interchanged at Bradley to complete the freight service to shore industries.