• O&W video, Lyon Bridge gorge

  • Discussion of the NYO&W Railway and predecessor New York and Oswego Midland Railroad (NY&OM) for the period 1866 to its abandonment in 1957. Visit the historical site here: O&WRHS.
Discussion of the NYO&W Railway and predecessor New York and Oswego Midland Railroad (NY&OM) for the period 1866 to its abandonment in 1957. Visit the historical site here: O&WRHS.

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  by charlie6017
Oh my God, that is great! Thanks so much for posting this! :-D

  by Cactus Jack
That is a great video with color footage of O&W steam on the Northern Division !

Here is where I think the scenes are shot:

6:41 - unk but probably coming off Eaton Summit towards Randallsville
6:53 - Randallsville
6:58 - Earlville switching Consumers Dairy
7:22 - Earlville looking out east side of train while the power is over switching the dairy - a bit south of West Main Street Crossing
7:26 - Norwich just below East Main Street crossing and the depot
8:00 - South of Norwich crossing Lyon Brook Bridge
8:59 - Probably just south of Lyon Brook Bridge along the ridge of the hill approaching Oxford
9:09 - Trestle at Trestle Lake - Oxford, some good looking bridge timbers !
9:19 - Guilford Lake with speed boat showing off
9:26 - Coming into Guilford
9:28 - brief glimpse of Guilford depot roof beyond box car
9:30 - New Berlin Jct. Turntable
9:37 - New Berlin Jct. Depot
9:45 - UV RR train making interchange as the O&W train is Milk Train #10
10:30 Sidney
  by Cactus Jack
Here is a summary of the first part of the video which is black & white and filmed 1948 or later. I don’t know the Southern Division as well … comments and corrections welcome.
From cab of Northbound train
.07 – Leaving the NYC RR at CN Tower – Cornwall, NY and start of O&W trackage north MP 53.05
.21 - Note operator hooping up orders
.31 – Orrs Mills Trestle – Firthcliffe MP 56.00 crossing Moodna Creek
.58 – Approaching Wickham Ave Middletown at depot MP 78.19
1:08 – Neversink Trestle south of Fallsburgh - train is going south MP 106.24
1:31 – Woodridge southbound MP 104.4
1:52 – Meet with #37 – not sure of location
2:06 – Looks like coming down Red Hill Grade southbound near MP 100.5
2:23 – Little Falls Trestle MP 100.26
2:35 – Summitville southbound MP 93.10
2:53 – Highview Tunnel North Portal southbound +/- MP 89
3:04 – Highview depot MP 88.17
3:14 – unknown
3:24 – Clear Signal North of Middletown somewhere - probably near Fair Oakes MP 82 +/-
3:25 – North of Middletown
3:36 – North End of Middletown yard with yard engine on one of the locals and a northbound FT/F3 set headed from Maybrook to Mayfield
3:47 – Approach Signal Aspect - Middletown Yard
4:04 – Middletown Depot – Order Board Out
4:19 – Middletown Yard, but filmed at an earlier date
4:39 – Southbound Freight at Wisner Ave, Middletown bound for Maybrook, possibly LB-4 – Wisner Ave. Yard Office at left
5:36 – Check out the swayback GN reefer !
5:39 – Southbound freight at Middletown yards
5:45 – Southbound passenger train at Highview Tunnel with baggage car and RPO on the headend followed by a parlor car. Possibly Train #2?
6:05 – Camel back on passenger train unknown location, probably U-1 Class #245.
6:13 – Looks like a 2-6-0 U class camelback on northbound passenger train at Middletown with combination car on headend.
6:39 – Back to the later 1948 era video – approaching an overpass (East Main Street, Middletown?) – unknown highway / location but between Middletown and Campbell Hall. Maybe someone can more positively identify the location.
6:41 – Start of 1946 Northern Division color footage – see references in above post
  by jmp883
What a great find! Thanks for posting the link. The link is for Part 2, if you look to the right side of your screen you'll see Part 1, which covers Weehawken to Cornwall.

You'll never know what you'll find on the internet, especially YouTube!
  by Irongrave
great find. A good friend of mine owns about a mile of the the old ROW after Lyon's bridge. kinda cool to see it how it was back then.
  by Cactus Jack
RE: the video

1:52 – Meet with #37 – this scene is probably between MP 102 and 103 alongside Mountaindale Road which is to the far right, south of Quiat Road and north of the depot at Mountaindale.
  by philipmartin
Beautiful video. I didn't know the O&W had such substantial stone stations, or extensive freight yards.
A sign at the North Bergen HBLR station says (or said) that the O&W took part in building the West Shore tunnel under Bergen Hill.
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  by philipmartin
Here's another youtube I'm throwing in for nostalgia: the O&W, was a lovely country railroad. They only ran passenger service in the summer at the end. I was on route 9W (I guess that parallels the West Shore) one day when an O&W passenger train went by fast.
After it was abandoned, I saw their F units stored in Croxton for months; the PRR high line went right by them. There was some problem about their ownership. In its last days, the O&W collected withholding taxes as usual, and helped run the railroad with the money. The last two "facts" are hearsay.
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  by Lronan
Thank you for those shots, they are great. I still have old O &W rail spikes and plates in my back yard, that I kept when the line was torn up.
  by philipmartin
I picked up two NYO&W passenger timetables in the ticket office in Weehawken around 1954. Years later, working Excee tower in Cranford, I would get the Rahway Valley 116 drill across, on its way to or from Staten Island. The switcher, an original NYO&W engine, was painted in O&W colors, so I put one of my time tables in it. The other I still have. If I find it, I'll post it here.
The Rahway Valley at that time was part of the Delaware Otsego. When their drill crossed at Excee I couldn't talk to them on the radio; they didn't have our frequency. I had my own hand held radio which Transit had given me permission to use, so I drove to Cooperstown. The man there was very friendly, and gave me permission to get the frequencies from their radio supplier. So, I was able talk to their drill when it went across.
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