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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by baju
When do trains run past charlottsburg...echo lake area near rt 23


  by njt4172
Speaking of NYSW, I believe NYSW will be taking a CP train down the Q today due to numerous derailments on the R&N which blocked access the Lehigh main in PA....

  by CRRNJ878
I live about two blocks from the lodi branch, or what's left it as there is only one active customer below rt17 or on the whole branch for that matter....I know they are doing some heavy construction for sewage lines right next to the R.O.W. I hear the train very sporadically at night on the branch serving that customer. No set schedule as far as I know..

Would love to know if they have any plans for this branch in the future, or if it will soon be a memory.....

  by trainfreak
Trains run past Echo Lake Rd usually six times a week. The normal frieghts are the eastbound SU100 which usually goes through around late morning to early afternoon. There its westbound counter part SU99 which runs through late at night. Sometimes there are extra locals that go up the line to Sparta Junction to switch when there is a lot of work that the SU100 cant complete. For daylight catches the 100 is your best bet. I hope this helps. And yes there was a CP detour train it was TV414. I was able to catch it around 12:20 in Vernon NJ. It had three units leading with a SOO unit leading followed by two CP SD40-2's. It was a nice change to see stacks rolling down the NYSW again.

  by nysw3636
It was CP Rail train 414!! Not TV414......


  by trainfreak
Im sory im sorry. Next time ill remember to use just 414 not TV414.

  by jsx
The SU-99 usually runs M,W,F evenings. Lately it seems to be heading west anywhere from 9 - 11 oclock. If you've got a scanner listen to 160.485 and you'll hear it get a form D west. It takes about an hour to get to Echo Lake Rd from Little Ferry Yard. The SU-99 will also always call clear of Butler as well, but you've got to be quick to catch it at Echo lake, which is only five minutes or so west of Butler.

As was posted previously, the SU-100 usually goes through real early 5-8am M,W,F or it will work in Sparta for the early part of the day and come east in the afternoon. Again, once it leaves Sparta, its about an hour (give or take) trip east to Echo Lake Rd. Hope that helps. Good luck.