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Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by Mr Lehigh
Does anyone know where I can get a small WNY railroad map that shows landmarks that are mentioned in railroad radio conversations? I downloaded this one off the Railfan.net web site, but it's pretty fuzzy and hard to read. I guess the main thing I'd like to see is the CPs.

That main thing I'm looking for is the landmarks in the Rochester area. I brought my old RS scanner from home into work, since I work right night to the Chicago line in Rochester a few blocks from Goodman Ave yard.

  by Mr Lehigh
Nevermind. I found a good color one on www.rochester-railfan.net.

  by Mr Lehigh
Thanks for the info. I'm relatively new to listening to RR frequencies. I mainly needed a guide to the CP's they referred to. At first I was going to post this to the NY railfan section, but this seemed a better place.

My current scanner was purchased I think in the early 80's! It's a programmable Radio Shack scanner. I was wondering what modern scanners are good for mostly office use. I noticed I have problems sometimes hearing conversations where the person talking doesn't speak very loud. Are there any scanners that compensate for this automatically?

I was thinking of routing the sound of the scanner through my pc into the subwoofer sound system hooked up to the pc at work (it's nice to be in IT, you get all the cool toys). Has anyone ever tried it to improve the sound coming from the scanner?

  by n2qhvRMLI
Mr. Lehigh,

Most any quality speaker will improve the audio of your scanner over the "in-unit" speaker, If you can get hold of a Motorola or GE communications speaker or even a compact RadShack Optimus desk/shelf speaker you're gonna hear better. Some of my friends have connected their surplus JBL computer systems with subwoofer to their scanners and/or ham radios - outrageous! I don't think I'd waste the processor time to run my scanner through my PC or laptop, If you work in IT, just grab a speaker set off the shelf and plug it in, watch the volume output from the scanner - that's all!

Good luck,
de Don, n2qhvRMLI
  by clearblock
Scanners do benefit from a good, communications type external speaker,
Hi-fi speakers and woofers are to be avoided. Communications audio is 300-3000Hz and anything outside this range in only noise.

I have found the Radio Shack #21-549 Extension Speaker to work very well with scanners and two way radios to improve the clarity of the sound.