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  by Robert Paniagua
Well guess who was back to invade the NYCT!!

Yes, it was me, Robert from the T Red Line Area!

On Tuesday, the 6 of July, as I was coming off my Metro-North odyssey, I took a shuttle train to 42St for the A line. I picked up an R44, 5370, with a fuzzy cab access door window. I couldn't get to the area since other people were sitting and standing in the railbuff's area until we switched at Broad Channel where I ran into R44 5276. There, I got the railbuff area, and I broke out my camcorder and began filming out the front of the fuzzy window too. The video came out fine though just like that time I went on the F line from an R46. I then got off at Rockaway Park and I stopped to eat at the Rockaway Sunset Diner. I ate there and hung out there for a while, and then I boarded the inbound train at Rock Park into Broad Channel from R44 5260. Window was not-so-fuzzy, although it had this other kind of filtered material, although I managed to circumvent it by seeing the cab controls as well as the speed indicator (I could even see how fast the engineer was doing!) and then switch back to another inbound A train with R32 Bluebird 3471 all the way till 42St again. I got to see thru the front of that R32, it wasnt bad at all. I then took the Shuttle again, and took an MNRR train back to my Bridgeport where I left my car and drove ALL the way back to my home in Holbrook 19 miles south of Boston that same night!
  by Head-end View
You caught an R-32 on the A train! Lucky dude! Even if most of that run to 42nd St. is in a tunnel.

  by Robert Paniagua
Yeah I did, I got one for a change rather than a Hawker (R44). The R32 you can see through better.

  by arrow
I do like R-32s but if I was riding that far I would rather get another type of car instead. I like the R-32 because it gives you that "classic" subway look.

  by Robert Paniagua
Oh ok, those and the slant R40 I like, the latter due to the large railfan window up front, and even the Hawker R44 and R46 cars as well, sometimes if you didn't look closely, their cab access door windows are kinda clear enough to see through and even see the engineer in a few of those cars.