Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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On a visit to the NYC Transit Information Center - 3 Stone Street in Downtown Manhattan - during the Summer I discovered that NYC Transit no longer
prints timetables for any of the Subway lines...I remember them being readily available there and it was my first visit there in about 5 years...

The only rail timetable available is the Staten Island Railway timetable effective October 4, 2015 which is a combination of Subway and Commuter Rail...

I have a set of NYC Subway Train Timetables effective December 12,2010 with the most recent being the A Train TT dated June 26,2011...

I remember that they used to sometimes be available at stations on either a rack easel or at booths...They were good especially for those that used
the Subways during off-hours and in cases they showed interesting service variations such as the one peak hour that J/Z skip stop trains operated -
Westbound peak AM and Eastbound peak PM between Downtown Manhattan and Jamaica Center on weekdays...

I asked and was told that these NYCT Train Timetables were discontinued "a couple of years ago" and my question is:
Does anyone know what the last editions of these timetables were and why they were discontinued?

I now know to hold on to the timetable set I have - more then likely they will not be printed again...
They would probably be in a PDF form only available through the Internet today...

  by Allan
NYC Subway Timetables were not discontinued - at least not completely.

Only the paper copies were discontinued. The timetables are available in PDF format at the MTA website.

http://www.mta.info/schedules" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I believe they stopped printing them in Late 2011.
  by Personality Sphere #0324
It kind of makes sense that they stopped printing them, especially with all of the delays and stuff. Paper can't update itself.