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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by nydepot
Anyone familiar with where the NYC Rome freight house went on S James St (original freight house)? I'm not seeing anything like it on Google Sat anymore. I do see the other NYC building at 43.20908,-75.46033. The last photo I have was:


  by lvrr325
This is a stinker. I think it's this location:

43.20892697855091, -75.46188001729314

However it looks to have been torn down about 2010 and replaced with another structure. Clicking through the views on the Historic Aerials website I see a building here with the southeast corner angled in a strange way, which would create the end shape in your photo. Between 2009 and 2011 this building with a black roof becomes a building with a red metal roof that does not extend as far east, and a current street view from the west from the parking area north of the tracks (off S. George St.) shows what is there now also appears to be a fair amount taller.

Originally this was in the V where the NYC main split southeastward from the RW&O line going northeastward. The NYC main was abandoned in the late 40s when they rerouted for the Erie Canal (even more confusing, a connection built then on the west side of Rome has also since been abandoned).
  by shlustig
Interestingly, yesterday while our NYCSHS Archivist was going through part of the donation of drawings / prints which we received from the Smithsonian Institution , he found the plan for the original (?) NYC&HR Rome freight station that is dated 1861.
  by nydepot
I agree it's gone. Thanks.
  by WShore4Ever
As regarding the Rome, NY NYC Freight House:

I stopped by Rome Plumbing and Heating Supply (located on the sight of the subject freight house) today and inquired of the man behind the counter (and owner) of the lineage of the building. Mr. O’Brien is the son of the purchaser of the original station building from the NYC in 1955. He told me that 90% of the building burned in 1965, save for a small portion at the east end, likely what was previously shown on the Existing Stations webpage. That portion then burned in 1996. After the first fire, the remains were bulldozed into the middle and capped with concrete. A new block and sheet-metal structure was erected on the same footprint as the station. Part of the NYC foundation survives in the SE corner with a “1951” cast in the concrete. The only other still extant portions of the station are the loading dock on the west end, and sections of cobblestone street at both ends. R.I.P.
- WestShore4Ever
  by nydepot
The original freight house was much older than this, pre 1900. What building would this be?
  by lvrr325
In the 1955 aerial the plumbing supply building has a peaked roof and rail sidings, this slightly curved structure is about three times as deep as the original freight station as well as being much longer. The next shot where it's clear is 2003 and shows what's there now, a flat roofed block structure with about the same footprint.

It's possible the peaked roof structure was built at the same time the main line was relocated to the south, I am not sure exact dates. it would have been a large addition to the original structure.

But the station this thread discusses is the original bit that was on the very east end, which was wood and well predates 1951, probably built by the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg when they built down to here. Early topos show a turntable and presumably engine facilities roughly where Freedom Plaza's structures are now.

This structure was removed approximately 2010 and the replacement is not as long, presumably eliminating the odd angled wall. None of the 2003-2009 photos show signs of it being burned.