• NYC Office Call Signs - Harlem and Putnam Divs.

  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by Otto Vondrak
S.S. stands for "Signal Station" or tower.

Putnam Division Office Call Signs - April 28, 1946

SW- Sedgewick Ave Station
SK - Sedgewick Ave S.S.

HG - High Bridge

BN - Marble Hill S.S.

VN - Van Cortlandt Station
JS - Van Cortlandt S.S.

DN - Dunwoodie

NA - Nepperhan

F - Nepera Park

HO - Mount Hope

HU - Chauncey

AD - Ardsley

FO - Elmsford

RN - East View

BO - Briarcliff Manor

MR - Millwood

KI- Kitchawan

HY - Yorktown Heights

BC - Baldwin Place

KD - Lake Mahopac

J - Carmel

JN - Putnam Junction

Electric Division Office Call Signs - Sept. 29, 1935

G - Grand Central Terminal

NK - S.S. at 3.18 ("New York")

DB - Drawbridge over Harlem River

MH - 138th Street - The Bronx

MO - S.S. at 5.42 ("Mott Haven")

MR - Melrose

RN - Morrisania

RO - Tremont

FD - Fordham

BK - Botanical Garden

WB - Williams Bridge

WY - Woodlawn

JO - S.S. at 11.93 ("Woodlawn Jct.")

WM - Mount Vernon

VO - S.S. at 11.35

BV - Bronxville

KO - Tuckahoe

RK - Crestwood

SG - Scarsdale

HA - Hartsdale

WP - White Plains

NW - S.S. at 23.80

Harlem Division Office Call Signs - April 28, 1946

KN - Valhalla

HW - Hawthorne

TV - Pleasantville

QA - Chappaqua

K - Mount Kisco

BS - Bedford Hills

WV - Katonah (formerly Whitlockville)

GB - Goldens Bridge

SX - Lincolndale (Lake Mahopac Branch)

CF - Croton Falls

B - Brewster

JN - Putnam Junction

X - Dykemans S.S. at 54.79

NS - Towners

SA - Patterson

AW - Pawling

WD - Wingdale

DP - Dover Plains

WF - Wassaic

NQ - Amenia

SY - Sharon Station

Z - Millerton

BN - Boston Corners

CK - Copake Falls

H - Hillsdale

CV - Craryville

HN - Philmont

HK - S.S. 65 at 127.48 (Chatham)
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  by shlustig
Unlike some railroads, the station call signs on the NYC were supposed to have some relevance to the site location. Usually, this was one or two letters from the town name or for some well-known landmark.

Some of these are tricky. BN Tower stood for Bronx; NK on the Park Ave. Viaduct was for the first and last letters of New York; MO was Mott Haven Jct.

The towers / interlockings at GCT were A, B, C, F, and U as of the time I worked there. F was remoted from C; the others were attended.

  by Noel Weaver
Memo to SHL, I had always thought that when they did away with the person at F, the interlockings were remoted from A for the upper level and B for the lower level.
Noel Weaver

  by shlustig
Hi, Noel:

I'm not sure that "F" ever controlled either of the Lower Level Loops.

What I do recall is the small panel that controlled the Upper Level Loop. Since "C" was not manned 24/7, there may have been a second panel at "A" for use when "C" was closed.
  by Otto Vondrak
From Timetable No. 20, dated Nov. 16, 1913:

155th Street - G

High Bridge (Special Agent) - HB

High Bridge (Station) - HG

Van Cortlandt - VN

VCP Jct. - JS

Dunwoodie - DN

Nepperhan - NA

Nepera Park - F

Mount Hope - HO

Chauncey - HU

Ardsley - AD

Elmsford - FO

East View - RN

Tarrytown Heights - RA

Pocantico Hills - NC

Briarcliff Manor - BO

Millwood - MR

Kitchawan - KI

Croton Lake - CG

Yorktown Heights - HY

Amawalk - AK

Granite Springs - SR

Baldwin Place - BC

Mahopac - MA

Carmel - J

Tilly Foster - FR

Putnam Jct. - XN

Brewster - B