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  by MNCRR9000
Found this article from the New York Post Today.
It was a "suicide mission" that had him side-stepping the third rail in blinding snow.

A motorman whose A train got stuck during the blizzard recounted the treacherous night, saying yesterday that he climbed onto the tracks a terrifying 20 times over a desolate stretch of Jamaica Bay to manually clear snow from the signals.

Yann Willam Hicks, who's been a driver for four years, was forced to do the work by hand because the metal "signal" arms that automatically shut down a train when they're hit were frozen in the upright position.

"I had to get off at every signal because they were stuck in the upright position. I did this on the bridges above the water!" Hicks said. "We'd travel for a bit, get stuck, I'd get out, then we'd travel again. This happened about 20 times."
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/quee ... z19WPNyZ91
  by railfan365
It's amazing. The dispatcher who sent those trains out should be fired IMMEDIATELY. Endangering the lives of crew members and stranding riders out on the line is a lot worse than having everyone stay where the were before boarding.
  by HBLR
That guy deserves a raise and a 2 week paid vacation somewhere warm.
  by BobLI
The MTA will probably dig up an obscure rule and give that motorman a trip to the street for 30 days.
  by keithsy
There is a road to a hot place that is paved with good intentions.