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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by nydepot
Just a note, I've been updating more counties with updated photos, replacing many that were from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Also updating other parts of the tables, like "Use" and changing over streets to latitude/longitude.

Of note from today's work, I wish they would restore the LV Cortland passenger depot. It's a really nice one.

Also the Syracuse, Binghamton & New York in Homer on Wall St is not long for the world if you want a photo for yourself.


  by thebigham
^Thanks for the photo credit!
  by nydepot
Another round of updates with new photos and data.


The Cassadaga (Chautauqua) depot of the New York Central, moved to Camp Gross north of Cassadaga, was a house and has been torn down and new building built on top of it. It was demolished and buried onsite. I talked to the owners.

The Erie Forrestville (Chautauqua) depot was cut in half. One half has been stabilized and the other half removed. It had been slated for demolition the last I heard.

  by nydepot
Updated Niagara County with all new photos and data today. Also started Erie County.

Of note:

The International Railway depot in North Tonawanda is is rough shape now. It was a house. Now it's vacant.

Also, the NYC station in Model City is covered on all sides now with brush, buildings, and stored vehicles.

  by dj_paige
Interesting. I may have to go up to North Tonawanda and Model City and get my own photos. The Model City station would probably be better photographed when the leaves fall.

Regarding the International Railway station in North Tonawanda, it doesn't seem to be where the RR right of way is located, if I can believe my deciphering of aerial maps of the area, which I know sometimes is misleading; and the web site says it hasn't been moved. It also doesn't seem to be where the International Railroad is shown at OpenRailwayMap.org (it doesn't cross Felton Street), and it doesn't seem to be where the SPV Atlas shows the International Railway (again, I know SPV has many errors). Can anyone clarify this?
  by nydepot
It very well could have been moved. It’s only based on what I’ve been told. With trolley stops, sometimes you don’t even get what the stop was, meaning it could have been moved from miles away.

If you can get more info, I’d certainly update it.
  by nydepot
It did cross East Felton, so it may have been moved down the street.
  by dj_paige
According to the 1926 Official Guide, there was no International Railway stop in North Tonawanda at East Felton. Stops in NTon were Goundry St., Schenk St., Lockport Transfer Jct and Ward Road. The Ward Road crossing is not far from Felton or East Felton Streets.

The "Buffalo and Lockport Division" had a stop at Payne Avenue and another stop labelled "North Tonawanda".

Of course, there could have been a stop there prior to 1926, I don't have an earlier Official Guide.
  by RailKevin
The site still lists the Lehigh Valley depot (Niagara County) as in use by Amtrak. I thought Amtrak moved to the new station off Main Street, Niagara Falls. Is this not correct?
  by nydepot
While not in the photo, an Amtrak train was parked there, along the whole building. It could have been there for another reason. If it's not Amtrak anymore, that's an easy fix.
  by RailKevin
From the Amtrak website:
825 Depot Avenue West
Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Train Station - Station Building (with waiting room)
https://www.amtrak.com/content/amtrak/e ... s/nfl.html

It drops a map pin at the new location off Main Street. I wonder if the old station is used for maintenance or replenishment.
  by 1Loran
Yes, the engine and coaches are backed up to the old station for cleaning and replenishment after the passengers depart at the new station.
  by nydepot
I updated the entry. Thank all.
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