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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
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  by kevikens
Thanks. I was not sure where the connection between the NEC and the High Line was. For some reason I had thought the connection between the two had been severed some years ago. Perhaps i am confusing the severed connection between the two at Zoo.
  by Big Bri
You are quite correct! As far back as when CR single tracked the High-Line they severed the connection between the High-Line and ZOO which effectively cut off any freight from using either the NEC North or Amtrak's HBG Line West to Harrisburg.

Big Bri
  by Big Bri
"Elephant Style" NS-501 up #1 Track on Amtrak this morning(12/23/08) by
Prospect Park Sta. 5:09am

NS 9224 C40-9W
NS 6766 SD-60M (x5506)"Blk. "

0 x 45 = 45 (mty Top Gons) 1,303 tons
192 axles
2,380 feet

  by briansweep
Hey Brian...

I've been reading these responses and am still trying to figure out local operations around here. From looking at the responses, it looks like there is a 13G train which runs from the Delaware secondary to Enola. How does that train get off the Delaware secondary and up to Harrisburg? Via the NEC as well?

Also, last night when I was coming out of the employee parking at the airport, I saw a loaded NS coal train heading for the Chester / Essington industrial tracks. Does that come back north via the NEC through Linwood when it is empty? Is that what makes up the 501?

I'm around (not nearly as much as I would like), but if you would like to meet a fellow railfan, I'd love to meet someone else in the area.
  by Big Bri
Hey Bri,

13G comes North on the Delmarva Sec. and can only go South onto Amtrak at DAVIS Interlocking which is right next to Newark Sta. and Chrysler Yard.Once on Amtrak it will head South to Perryville and turn North onto the Port Road(NS)and go to either Enola(across Shocks Mill Bridge)or take the Royalton Branch to HBG.

The NS-500 will bring the coal down from HBG via the NS HBG Line,use CSX from RIVER to Eastwick and onto Septa's R-1 Airport Line(CR Chester Sec.).Once the coal train is put away the power is kept on the Boeing siding 'til the Mty's are ready.
Depending upon if the lead unit is Cab Signal/LSL equipped or if there is foreign power or if the crew can't make it to Amtrak before 5am will determine which routing the 501 will take.The prefered route is South on the Ches. Sec. thru Stoney Creek Yd.,out the Linwood Branch and onto Amtrak at HOOK for a straight shot to PHIL,the High-Line,Belmont,River and back to HBG.
If the 501 has to use the Airport Line/CSX(aka the back way)then they will.It's a slower route but then again the crews are out to make Money!
Hope that helps.
I'm in Ridley Park so I get to see CSX on the Philly Sub,NS on Amtrak and CR's Chester Sec. is a mile away.

  by Big Bri
Well this is an extremely rare event(only happened once before back
in 2001)when a Union Pacific engine gets out onto Amtrak for a run up
the NEC between HOOK and PHIL!! With great bliss I do now give this
"Prospect Park Sta."
(NS-501) Amtk.#1 trk 3:04am
NS 9286 C40-9W (LSL lite NOT on)
UP 6550 AC4400CW

0 x 113 = 113 (mty Hopps)
3,318 tons
464 axles
5,763 feet

  by Big Bri
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ! It's cold out there at 2:30 in the morning!
Didn't stop me from catching the 501 Under The Wires at Prospect Park
(NS-501) Amtk.#1 trk. 2:35am
NS 9934 C40-9W
NS 8801 C40-9

0 x 57 = 57 (mty Top Gons)
1,683 tons
240 axles

  by Big Bri
Mixed freight has returned to Amtrak between HOOK and PHIL
Interlockings! Yes folks,it's been about 5 years since a daily mixed
freight traversed my territory.(Except for the Detour trains from
last Summer) H-86 is back!(Abrams/ Stoney Creek and return)
Both trains at Prospect Park Sta.(NEC)
1.(H-86) Amtk.#1 trk 2:31am
NS 9249 C40-9W
NS 2720 SD-70M-2

24 Cars
108 axles
2.(NS-501) Amtk.#1 trk "Elephant Style" 3:14am
NS 9496 C40-9W
NS 9217 C40-9W

0 x 74 = 74 (mty Hopps)
(70 Top Gons)
2,143 tons
308 axles

Looks like the H-86 will now be a regular "nocturnal"
train what with the abolishment of H-52/H-72 out of Edgemoor.
Does anyone know what train is bringing the Stoney Creek block
into Abrams?

  by Big Bri
A nice sized Northbound H-86 by me at Ridley Park Sta. on Amtrak
earlier this morning.
(H-86) Amtk.#2 trk 12:44am
NS 9249 Dash-9W
NS 2720 SD-70M-2

51 Cars
216 axles

  by Big Bri
Three "Northbound" freights traversed my territory last night and early this morning.
I caught H-86 at Ridley Park Sta. and 85E & 501 at Prospect Park Sta.

1.(H-86) Amtk.#1 trk 11:36pm
NS 9829 C40-9W
NS 9573 C49-9W

17 x 17 = 34 Cars(Abrams)
2,812 tons
148 axles
2.(NS-85E) Amtk.#1 trk 1:00am
NS 7626 GEVO
NS 6803 SD-60M(x5570) "CRQ"

0 x 94 = 94 (mty Hopps)
(91 Top Gons/3 CR Baths)
2,730 tons
388 axles
3.(NS-501) Amtk.#1 trk 3:47am
NS 6736 SD-60I(x5607) "Blk."
NS 6781 SD-60M(x5531) "CRQ" Blue

0 x 86 = 86 (mty Hopps)
2,484 tons
356 axles

CR "Bathtubs" LIVE!! 3 CR "Bathtubs" in the consist of the 85E!

What a night Under the Wires.

  by Kaback9
Bri thanks for these updates, its good to know whats going on down your way on the corridor. I hope your safe when your out there late at night/early morning!
  by BuddSilverliner269
Kaback9 wrote:Bri thanks for these updates, its good to know whats going on down your way on the corridor. I hope your safe when your out there late at night/early morning!
Hi Bri, if you dont mind, please keep up the fantastic updates. We all really appreciate it...
  by Big Bri
Thanks Lads!
I've been catching mixed freights and hopper trains at Prospect Park & Ridley Park Stations for about 25+ years.
Nobody ever bothers me even at 1,2,3,4 a.m in the morning.So expect more reports to come.In fact,there will be another 501 sometime early tomorrow(2/2)morning.NS 9159-2511 and about 100 mty Hopps.
Plus there's now the H-86 local from Abrams to Stoney Creek and return between 10pm and 2am.


  by Big Bri
Sorry guys,the Hopper train(501)went out the "back way"...................SEPTA/CSX.

Big Bri
  by Big Bri
H-86 came North on Amtrak this morning at 1:11am by Ridley Park Sta. #1 trk.
NS 9829 Dash-9W
NS 9573 Dash-9W

26 Cars
116 axles

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