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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by ArcadeFire78
Newbie here, love the forum by the way. A lot of info and interesting reading. I do have a question about NS and Harrisburg. They are always hiring there and I am leaving the service soon and wondering if furloughs are common considering they are constantly seeking applicants for Harrisburg? Is Harrisburg a relatively and I stress relatively safe bet for employment?
  by IRN750
There are no safe bets but Harrisburg is a busy terminal and always seem to need men. Works does slow up for the new guys from Jan thru April but after a few yrs that should not be a problem. Also Harrisburg has alot of people coming up on retirement so that will help things. If you would hire out in Harrisburg you would also be able to work in other locations such as Balt. Md, Reading,Allentown,and Altoona to name a few. Hope this helps you.
  by ArcadeFire78
Yes, it does help a lot. Thanks so much. This is a time of transition for me and I really need to make informed decisions. So it is very appreciated. I want to be able to provide for my wife and baby on the way. I love outdoor work and just want a solid career. Plus, I am excited to be back in central PA where a lot of the family resides.
  by IRN750
I was told today that they are planning to hire 80 more people in Harrisburg just for your info.
  by ArcadeFire78
Thanks for the heads up and the email. I tried to PM you but I haven't been a member and participated long enough for that function just yet so I figured I would just keep it in the thread here. I might be a bit too early to apply because of my departure date from the military will be June of 2011. So I imagine a lot can happen and change in regards to the hiring needs in Harrisburg. I have been monitoring the NS website for last 3 months and have noticed a steady stream of hiring. When would you recommend applying? 90 days out possibly?

Are you currently employed at Harrisburg and with NS? I am assuming you are. May I ask what you do there job wise? Again, I appreciate your information and help. Any help I can get eases this time of transition, especially the wife's concerns. Haha. Take care and thanks a lot.
  by IRN750
I work for NS out of Allentown and run into Harrisburg term at sometimes. As far as when should you apply I'll try and find out and let you kn
  by MikeJ
Not sure what type of job you are looking to get in to, but NS is way short of man power right now. From mid 2010, they were looking to hire about 1000 conductor trainees. All the craft positions are in need of more guys as well. I am an MT at the Enola mechanical shop and I know 2 other guys that will be working in Harrisburg as MTs for the transportation department.
  by ArcadeFire78
IRN750- Thanks for checking that out for me. Very appreciated. I know with a lot of employment, timing is the key. Been several years since I have been up Allentown way. Friend of mine in the service had an uncle there so I gave him a ride up there for his Christmas visit. Really miss PA. Take care.

MikeJ- Appreciate the information. I really do. As far as position-wise I do not really have any skills for the trade/crafts in the shops, so I have been leaning towards Conductor Trainee or Fireman/Oiler. Dispatcher/Intermodal Clerk seem interesting but not sure about those jobs.
  by jgallaway81
Have you started an online application & resume?

The exact process has changed since I hired out, but I believe you could enter an available date.. ie when you will be available to work.

It couldn't hurt to at least see if here is such an option.