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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by waterlevelroute
I live along the NS route here in Erie. I also spend a lot of time listening to the radio chatter of NS and CSX. I noticed while CSX uses mileage at their means to pinpoint certain locations that NS uses names. Such as Wesly, which I know means Weslyville. But other names don't give me a clue at to their location, such as "Dean and Paterno". Could somebody give me a list of the names used here in Erie county along with their relative locations along the NS line? And as a bonus, does anybody know the origins of these names? Names like Dean and Paterno aren't names of places around here, as far as I know. Thanks!
  by Conrail Cleveland East
Dean is the siding on the East side of Erie that splits Downing Ave.Dean is the signal about 30 car lenghts West of Downing Ave.Wesley is the East end where Dean siding ends.I don't know how they came up with that name.
Paterno is the crossover West of Erie and West of Pittsburgh Ave.At Paterno,the former main line continues East as a siding toward Erie that ends at Cranberry Street.FWIT,Parterno "could"have the meaning as "Pittsburgh Avenue turn off".Now,this has been told that this is the meaning for over 8 years.I doubt that this is the meaning.Sometimes the names aren't of the location but of people that have worked for the Railroad or some importance.Also,sometimes the names are a former location or street that aren't used anymore.Example-NS called the former signal "Ash Lane"which is now Ash Street in Erie.NKP had some of these names and NW/NS continued to use.
From Conneaut-the first signal is Pa siding(yes,there's a siding there).Next Crayton(it's a grade crossing at the end Of Pa siding).105mm(Springfield).Girard is next.Wallace is the East end of Girard siding and also "Wallace Jct",which is a jct with CN(B&LE).99mm(Fairview).Swanville(is West end of Swanville siding).Esmer is East end of Swanville siding.Next is Paterno,then 89.1(Cascade St).Next is Dean then Wesley.Next is 81.4(across from Harborcreek Walmart.Signal 75(Cemetary Rd)used to be called "GP2"which meant Grape Plant(Welches).Signal Northeast is the last signal in Erie County and it's West of Remington Road.Also,names could be old telegraph call letters.
  by cbehr91
There's a whopping four defect detectors on the NS Lake Erie District in Erie County, which are extremely helpful in listening for trains and their locations (but you need a scanner to hear them of course). The easternmost one is at milepost 77.8 at Spencer Rd. just west of North East. Moving west, the next one is at milepost 88.4, which is located between Sassafras and Cherry streets in downtown Erie. There's also one located at milepost 92.8 (Powell Ave.) And lastly, another just west of Swanville at milepost 97.7 at the Eaton Rd. crossing. Why they're so close together is beyond me, especially for a line with such infrequent activity. And according to my 2008 timetable, they're all still the older Trackside Analyzers too, but they could've very easily been changed by now.